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Occupational therapists enjoy a rewarding career of helping people get back on their feet. From helping children with disabilities adjust in school to providing support for the elderly, the world of occupational therapy is vast. There are many opportunities for such therapists all over the country, with numbers expected to grow. Demand is strong for people who help people become stronger. At Ardor Health Solutions, we match aspiring occupational therapists with exciting positions in the U.S. Are you up for it?

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)

Occupational therapy assistants play a crucial role in a patient’s treatment plan. They make sure that the occupational therapist’s plan is effectively carried out for each patient, and have a thorough understanding of proper movements. As a certified occupational therapy assistant, you’ll work closely with patients in all walks of life. These positions are also in high demand, and at Ardor Health Solutions, we have a variety to choose from. Whether you wish to practice as a COTA in the city or in the suburb, we have opportunities nationwide.