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Who is a School Psychologist?

Are you interested in the field of psychology and have a passion for working with kids? Schools all over the country are in need of professional psychologists to work among their staff. As a school psychologist, you work closely with educators, administrators, and students to promote a positive learning environment. A school psychologist applies expertise in mental health counseling to nurture young minds.

Rewards of a School Psychologist Career

The work of a school psychologist strongly supports the academic, social, behavioral, and emotional well being of students enrolled at the school. Psychologists who work closely with children receive special training in their graduate studies. They develop skills in a variety of areas like data collection and analysis, mental health interventions, special education services, and more.


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At Ardor Health, there are dozens of school psychologist positions to apply to within the US. With over 50 million students enrolled in the public school system, there is always a demand for this rewarding career. You get to choose where, when, and how you will grow as a school psychologist when you join with Ardor Health to pursue the next step in your future.