The Difference Between a Nurse Leader and Nurse Manager

The role of being a registered nurse is a leadership position in and of itself. Regardless of the particular title, the healthcare field recognizes nurses as authoritative figures. Throughout nursing school, professors continue to drill in their minds the importance of their role and how they will one day govern over colleagues in a professional setting.

While all nurses are leaders in their own respects, some seek formal management roles to exhibit their leadership abilities further. Although the positions of a nursing manager and nursing leader may seem similar, their functions are not synonymous.

Nurse Manager

Nurse managers make sure that their division, unit, or service line is operating properly and without interruption. They are involved in a wide range of daily tasks that include, but are not limited to, setting goals, budgeting, patient care planning, and quality improvement. It is also their responsibility to oversee:

  • Educational and career opportunities for staff
  • Staff assignments
  • Professional growth of staff
  • Team schedules

Nurse managers are also seen as a point of reference for their staff and are expected to be able to accurately diagnose and address any presented issues. They should be an open and honest source of advice, guidance, and support for their staff throughout their time in the position.

Nurse Leader

Nurse leaders are not as task-oriented as nurse managers, but rather focus on setting and upholding standards. Their role is to fulfill the organization’s vision, mission, and long term plan. The majority of their efforts are toward:

  • Setting policy
  • Overseeing quality measures
  • Spearheading transformation
  • Fiscal responsibilities
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

Both staff and management see them as individuals with experience, knowledge, and vision. Nurse leaders play a critical role in ensuring that all employees uphold a standard that best represents the organization.

Their titles may differ, but nurse managers and nurse leaders complement each other in more ways than one. Well-respected individuals who are passionate and admired by their staff fill both positions. A nurse manager or leader, you must be able to:

  • Influence staff and set positive examples
  • Delegate tasks and coordinate teams
  • Commit to the organization and embody their values

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3 Benefits of Traveling Alone

As a travel nurse, you have the freedom to travel the country. You can practice nursing in a new location every few months. While some travel nurses take their children along, a vast majority of travel nurses travel alone. Many people may not like the idea of traveling the country solo, but it can be a positive experience.

Learn to be Self-Reliant

There is no greater test than traveling alone. Many people have traveled with parents and in groups as a child but never had to travel alone. When you travel alone, you quickly learn to be self-reliant and accountable for all of your actions or lack thereof. Whether you are traveling by train, bus, or plane, you will be required to ensure that you are on time for departure and have packed all of the necessary items.

Over time you will become a packing expert and be able to decipher how much you should pack depending on the length of your stay and other factors. You will grow to realize whether you are a person who prefers to purchase items at your destination or pack them all with you. Through repeated trials, you can become more independent than you ever imagined.

Blaze Your Own Trails

One of the major drawbacks about traveling in groups is that you all have to agree on everything like when to head out, where to eat, and what sights to see.. Traveling alone grants you the freedom to blaze your own trails. You can ross off all the sights you’d like to see on your new travel nursing assignment without anyone to hold you back. One of the best parts about being on your own schedule is getting to stop wherever and whenever you like for food and rest breaks.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many people travel with the hopes of getting out of their comfort zones and having new experiences. It can be difficult to do so when you only stick to the group you traveled with. By commuting alone, you open yourself up to meeting new people and trying new things. This can help anyone build confidence in oneself.

If you’re lucky, you may get to know a native of the area who can introduce you to even more things you’d like that were not included in your travel brochure. After your travel assignment, you may wish to re-visit the city to continue exploring the nooks and crannies you missed on your first go-around. Keep in touch with the locals to experience a fun time whenever you decide to return.

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3 Ways You Can Motivate Your OT Clients

“OT” or “occupational therapy” is a highly rewarding healthcare field. In this field, you have the unique opportunity to help everyone from children with disabilities to aging individuals improve their current mental and/or physical condition. Your clients will see you as the guiding force on the path to recovery; it is your job to keep them positive and optimistic. An unmotivated client can be hard to work with as they are unlikely to commit to the outlined plan, further extending the therapy process. Keep your OT clients motivated by implementing these three helpful tips.

Establish a Client-Focused Plan

Your client wants to feel that he or she is a part of the process. The last thing you’d want to do is introduce a suggested plan of therapy without getting to know the individual first. Ailments may be similar but every client is unique. Use client-focused assessments such as the COPM that don’t only provide information about the client’s ability to perform tasks, but also what they would like to work on. Your client will be more likely to follow a plan that he or she played a role in developing.

Set Clear Goals With a Purpose

One of the most frustrating feelings a client can express is that they do not see how what they are doing is helping them. You may understand how each small tasks leads to an ultimate goal, but it may be difficult for them to grasp the concept. Instead of simply telling your client to walk 200 meters, say “Walk 200 meters so that it’ll be easier to for you move around the grocery store.” By giving the activity a clear purpose, your client will be more motivated to complete the activity to achieve that goal.

Be Their Biggest Fan

Yes, you are there to identify issues that need to be fixed, but you are there in a supportive role as well. Don’t simply move on to the next task when your client accomplishes one, celebrate the accomplishment with them. Every small step forward is a step in the right direction and you should make it known to your client that you value their determination. Your client will be grateful that you recognize his or her achievements and can become motivated to overcome the next hurdle.

A motivated client is a productive one. Motivate clients nationwide when you take on travel therapy. Ardor Health Solutions can help you find the travel therapy position that best fits your skills and experience. Give us a call at 855-GO-ARDOR or visit our job listings page to discover healthcare opportunities across the U.S.

Travel Nursing and Child Sport Injuries

Youth sports is an increasingly popular trend that offers consistent physical activity to children from a young age. According to ESPN, as many as 21.5 million kids are involved in sports between the ages of 6 and 17 in the United States. Their reports also show that by the age of 6, 60 percent of boys and 47 percent of girls have participated in some organized sport.

Such a statistic is not necessarily negative. It shows that American children are getting out and being active rather than playing endless hours of video games. The looming possibility of being involved in any physical activity is obtaining an injury. As a travel nurse working with children, you are likely to notice the shockingly high number of child sports injuries quickly.

Nationwide Children’s reports that child sports injuries account for an average of 3 million emergency room visits annually. ESPN also reports that over a quarter of children who were previously involved in youth sports quit because of an injury. Through your role as a registered nurse, it is vital that you share your knowledge with parents in the treatment and prevention of common child sports injuries.


Many children do not hydrate themselves as much as they need to. It is a common misconception that drinking water immediately before or during an athletic competition is enough to hydrate the body. As a travel nurse working with children, you have the ability to inform unknowing parents. You can let them know of the danger of dehydration and what fluids are safe for children to consume.

In many cases, it is the coaches who put the children at risk. They may require the kids to train for long hours with very few rest periods. This may not immediately affect the child, but during intense competition, the amount of energy exerted may exceed the energy supplied, possibly causing the child to lose consciousness.


The topic of concussions has become increasingly popular with recent developments about the effects of CTE or chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Such newfound information has resulted in many parents pulling their children out of extremely physical sports like tackle football. If a child was ever to visit you with a concussion or concussion symptoms, it is crucial that you make the parent aware of the risks.

Many coaches and parents have a “walk it off” approach to when a child sustains an injury. What they should know is that unlike any external physical injury, a concussion damages the brain in a way that can lead to permanent ailments that may become fatal.

Through your persistent administration of knowledge, you can help reduce the number of child sports injuries and ensure that sustained injuries are properly treated.  Are you interested in a career in travel therapy, but do not know where to start? Ardor Health Solutions is a healthcare staffing company that provides skilled nurses with travel therapy opportunities nationwide. Visit our job listings page for a full outline of healthcare opportunities across the country.

5 Things a Travel Nurse Must Pack

If you are considering becoming a travel nurse, get ready for life on the road! Your placements will have you in a particular American city for months out of the year. During this time you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and embrace all that travel nursing has to offer. The first step of any adventure is packing your bags. Be sure to pack all of the following items before you embark on your travel nursing assignment. Continue reading “5 Things a Travel Nurse Must Pack”

Top 3 Things to Look for in Travel Nurse Compensation Packages

Being offered the position is only the beginning. Everyone wants money, but many people find it difficult to request it. As a travel nurse, you have the unique opportunity to provide healthcare to needing individuals across the nation. This position is most fulfilling but it is vital that you pay close attention to your compensation package. The last thing you want to happen is to accept an offer and sign the contract without realizing that you weren’t offered things like paid time off or insurance benefits. Keep an eye out for these three things when perusing through your compensation package.

Medical Benefits

It is highly important to have consistent healthcare coverage throughout your assignments, wherever they may take you. Your package should clearly state the terms, extent, and duration of your coverage. It should also be clear whether or not your specific plan offers full coverage or if there is a set reimbursement cap if you find your own coverage. These small details are crucial and can have detrimental effects if overlooked.

Speak with your recruiter in regards to medical benefits. They will be able to identify the most attractive plans available specific to your needs.

Tax-Free Income

Your tax-free income should be clearly identified in your package. Oftentimes, it is disguised as a stipend of some sort (travel or housing stipend). You must know this information ahead of time so that you are not caught off guard come tax season.

Not all travel nursing pay packages come with tax-free income. There is a certain criteria that must be met to be eligible. The IRS asserts that you must be a temporary worker with  a permanent tax home. Being a temporary worker means that you do not work longer than 12 months at any one location. To own a deemed “tax home,” two of the following three things must be true:

  • A majority of your income must be made at the place you identify as your “tax home.”
  • You pay a mortgage or rent at this home
  • You have permanent residence (cannot abandon)

IRAs/Retirement Fund

Travel nurses are generally identified as temporary workers but quality agencies ensure that there is a long-term financial plan set in place. Look into your package and determine if there is a retirement package available. It is not rare for a travel nurse to acquire multiple varying retirement funds from travelling so often. Look into your compensation package from now to see if a retirement plan is offered and research your options in combining all of the allocated funds to make them easier to manage if you plan on obtaining multiple travel nurse assignments.

Travel nursing can be an adventurous and rewarding career. Allow Ardor Health Solutions to set you on the right path! Ardor Health Solutions is a healthcare staffing company that provides skilled nurses with travel therapy opportunities nationwide. Visit our job listings page for a full outline of healthcare opportunities across the country.

4 Tips For Starting Your New Nursing Job

Congratulations on getting a new job! This is an exciting time and the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Whether you have been hired for a role in a new healthcare field you have recently studied, or are being promoted from your most recent position, there will be a period of adjustment. Although you aced the interview and landed the job, it is not time to relax! Your new position will come will with many changes and it is important that you get off on the right foot. Allow these tips to guide you through a smooth transition into your new nursing position. Continue reading “4 Tips For Starting Your New Nursing Job”