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American Sign Language Teacher

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American Sign Language (ASL) is a complete and complex language expressed by signs, facial gestures and body postures. It is the official sign language of North America and the primary language used by people who are deaf. In America, two to three of every thousand babies are born deaf, and 90% are born to hearing parents. These statistics emphasize the important role of American Sign Language teachers in the lives of deaf or hard of hearing individuals and their families.

Teachers who specialize in American Sign Language education go above and beyond the traditional call of duty. American Sign Language teachers are an essential component to the personal development of deaf or hard of hearing individuals. ASL teachers do more than teach a sign language; they promote self-sufficiency and independence within the deaf community. Teachers are personally engaged with students’ lives, helping them become independent and encouraging them to be active despite deafness. They are heavily involved in the deaf community and promote the education and advancement of deaf citizens.

Make a Difference

American Sign Language teachers greatly impact the lives of their students and their families in a number of ways. They not only teach students who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate, they teach them how to function in a hearing world. The more students learn, the more they grow and advance on the path to independence. ASL teachers inspire students to dream big and take challenges head-on. They help students learn signals fluently and enable them to use their communication skills with confidence. In addition, ASL teachers help students acquire vocational skills to succeed in a modern workforce.


Work Environment

American Sign Language is offered in most public schools and universities as an approved language credit, which enables sign language teachers to teach ASL to hearing students who are eager to learn sign language as a second or third language. Sign language teachers work wherever sign language students are, including public and private schools, universities, or even as a private instructor to individual students and their families.

Are YOU Ready?

Teachers specializing in ASL must be experienced in education; must work and communicate well with others, including children and adolescents; and must have their teaching license. ASL job duties are diverse and rewarding. With Ardor Health Solutions, you can find your first sign language job anywhere in the country. Visit our website or call 855-GO ARDOR to get started as a traveling ASL teacher.