Ardor Health’s New Grad Mentorship Program

The Great Rewards of Travel Therapy

At Ardor Health, we recruit driven and determined college graduates to occupy available therapy positions all throughout the U.S. Whether you have always dreamed of living on the West Coast or nearby a familiar relative in the Midwest, these refreshing opportunities take you anywhere you want to go! Our new travel therapy program is designed with grads like you in mind.


After you graduate college you are free to travel wherever you want. Our database is full of available positions across the country that will quench your thirst for adventure. Whether you want to settle by the beaches of the Sunshine State or explore the Colorado Rockies,  we’ve got you covered.


You’ve probably heard about travel therapy before, but are you aware of the benefits a travel therapy career can offer? Traveling is a fantastic option for a new grad since it allows you to travel the country and see places you’ve always dreamed of visiting while receiving top-tier compensation! You can also benefit from exclusive mentorship opportunities through Ardor Health, which will help you jump start your career!


Travel therapy is becoming an increasingly desirable option for new grads. Endless opportunities, flexible assignments, and great compensation are just a few characteristics that go hand in hand with travel therapy. Receive private housing, bonuses, and tax-free living expenses in addition to competitive wages.


The clinical experience you acquire through a career in travel therapy is only limited to your imagination. Traveling allows you to gain experience in different settings faster than if you were to settle down in one place right after school. You’ll learn to work with a number of conditions that can shape your desire for specialization.


Free private housing not enough to get you moving? At Ardor Health we are invested in your continued education and can help offset education costs. By completing a few requirements through your assignments, you can receive a check for $2,500 just for your tuition! Ask your recruiter for the nitty-gritty.

CEU Reimbursement

The healthcare field never stops evolving and neither should your education. Ardor Health offers over 1,000 courses for you to continue your therapy education throughout your career with us. New courses are added each day and are available to you 24/7.


A big asset to our unique travel therapy program for new graduates is the mentorship provided by Ardor’s Mentors. These therapists are highly qualified to provide support to new grads like you as they have walked in your footsteps. Each of our Ardor Health Mentors is eager to provide comprehensive support including travel support, so you never feel alone on the go.

New Grad Brochure

Traveling as a New Grad can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you on your journey through the world of travel therapy! We pride ourselves on helping new grads to find their perfect position. In this guide you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and gain access to expert advice to give you the edge on your career.

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