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The Ardor Team

Ardor Health Solutions is committed to becoming the largest company in the nation focused solely on allied healthcare recruitment.

Benefits of Working With Ardor

There are many benefits working with Ardor Health. We believe in working hard and having fun.


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The Ardor Difference

The Ardor difference comes down to one thing – the People. The Sales staff, the Administrative staff, the Management and Executive Staff, all treat everyone who works at Ardor as a person, not a number. At Ardor Health Solutions, we strive to make the best of every situation we are put in. We treat our employees with respect, with dignity, with humility, and as part of our “Ardor family”.

Company History

Ardor Health Solutions got its start in 2001 when Mike Lamia, a former computer programmer and IT Recruiter, founded Medsource Group along with his wife Patty Lamia, a former school teacher. Through the hard work and dedication of Mike and Patty, Medsource Group quickly grew into Ardor Health Solutions. Today, over 14 years later, we are a nationwide healthcare staffing company with Therapists, Physicians and Nurses working, helping people, all 50 states. Our internal staff boasts a roster of 85 employees that include Sales Team Members, Administrative Support Team Members, Team Leaders, and an internal Recruiting function.

Our Goal

In keeping with Ardor Health Solutions phenomenal growth, the company’s goal is to have 50 plus full-time Sales Team Members that will specialize in the continued recruiting of excellent Therapists, Physicians and Nurses dedicated to providing excellent customer care for our clients in every healthcare setting.

What Employees Are Saying

“I can’t fully express how much I appreciate being a part of Ardor. Since starting here almost a year ago, I’ve felt that this is a company with a culture like no other. That hard work is not only recognized, but appreciated as well…wow! You have given me the opportunity to learn a new – to me – industry, and allowed me to progress in this short period of time. My professional life was full of twists and turns, which brought me here serendipitously, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Thank you all again for creating such a supportive and encouraging environment and allowing me to be a part of it.”


“I know I’ve said this before, but it still remains true. I am so grateful to work for such an amazing company with owners who care as much about their employees as you both do. This is the only company I can think of where the employees (myself included) look forward to having the owners come into town. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to the 21 and over dinner. I love spending time with the Ardor Family and I put Italian food before any other, but I surpassed my pain threshold today between my jaw and the accompanying migraines. As they say in Baseball, I will have to ride the pine. I just wanted to personally reach out to thank you and let you know out of respect and appreciation. Thank you again.”


“I love being a recruiting manager at Ardor and am happy that I get to help the team in any way I can. My 7th anniversary at Ardor just passed a few weeks ago, and I look forward to the next 7!  Go Team Ardor!”


“I wanted to thank both of you again for putting your faith in me to lead this team.  I know it is hard to trust anyone right now, but I promise to do my best to not let you down. I love my Ardor Family and will forever be grateful for the opportunities you have given me.”