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Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

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Become an Occupational Therapy Assistant

With a projected growth of 40% until 2024, the occupational therapy assistant job is growing faster than most other medical careers. Because older generations are living longer than before, occupational therapist assistants are needed to help treat people working with various types of illnesses and disabilities. Some assistants help patients recovering from surgery or who need to re-acquaint themselves with basic daily tasks. At Ardor Health, we work with traveling occupational therapy assistants around the country so they can find their next residency position. There are always people out there who can benefit from your help – it is simply a matter of connecting with them.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Tasks

As an occupational therapy assistant, you spend most of the day on your feet. Taking care of patients, working with specialized equipment, and coordinating with nurses and other health practitioners make up a large portion of your day. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your patients, you may work in a hospital, a clinic, a nursing care facility, or out of someone’s home. Through our website, you can find openings for the job you want in various cities across the country, whether you seek a travel career or permanent placement.

Career Opportunities

Occupational therapy assistants often carry out their tasks under a leading occupational therapist. Unlike aides, an occupational therapy assistant spends the majority of her time helping people complete exercises and receive treatment. Some of these exercises are physical, such as helping someone remember the movements associated with bending, lifting, or walking. Other activities may be socially focused, like learning how to speak or communicate with others.

Advancement as an occupational therapy assistant primarily depends on job performance. The better you perform, the more ability you have to work your way up to a higher salary and stronger job security. If you are planning on working as the head occupational therapist, you will need to study for your master’s degree in conjunction with your daily work.

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To search for occupational therapy assistant positions in the United States, browse through the job openings available on our website. With our unique tool, you can select what specialty you want to pursue and where you want to go. Travel therapy is a great opportunity to see the country while helping others and making a living! Check out available certified occupational therapy positions today.