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Rehab Director

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Become a Rehab Director

Whether through physical, occupational, psychological, or any other type of therapy, assisting patients in their recovery through rehabilitation is your passion. At the same time, you are looking for the next step in your professional career. Therapists who are looking to take on a managerial or administrative role can find a fulfilling position as a rehabilitation director. Rehab directors monitor and manage therapists to ensure they are carrying out their duties within the work environment while maintaining active roles as counselors themselves.

Job Requirements for a Rehab Director

Rehab directors usually have a degree and experience in at least one rehabilitation field. Prospective rehab directors are often expected to have a degree in their rehabilitation field when applying for rehab director positions. While rehab directors are not as active in a patient’s recovery as the assigned therapist, part of their duties includes following up on patient progress to determine whether the rehabilitation is complete. It is not enough, however, to know how to be a good therapist. At least three years of managerial experience is often required when applying for this position, which most practitioners acquire from working with a team of assistants.

Daily Duties of a Rehab Director

As previously mentioned, a rehabilitation director is expected to follow up with patients to determine their progress. Most of the time, the director works in the background to make sure the work environment – whether it is a rehab house or a branch of a hospital – is operating efficiently. This means reviewing reports provided by the therapists that can give a general overview of each practitioner’s day. Administrative tasks often include overseeing inventory and planning business development. Like any other medical environment, services must be provided to patients under an established clinical standard, and it is the rehab director who must make sure that therapists are following such expectations.

Rehab Director Job Openings

The barrier to entry for rehabilitation directors is significantly larger than typical therapy positions. With the years of work and diverse skillset required, many medical work environments need a director who can work efficiently and reflect the values of the clinic. As the population continues to develop a longer lifespan, the need for a skilled practitioner who can manage the workforce will most likely increase. Looking to take on the challenge and expand your professional skills? Ardor Health can help simplify your job search. Contact us today or view our list of available positions to discover your new career as a Rehab Director.