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What is a School Psychologist?

Many teachers today understand that education goes beyond teaching math and literature to students.  The school psychologist is a unique member of the school’s team who focuses on enhancing a student’s ability to learn. A school psychologist partners with the school board and families of parents to help create a healthy, safe, and supportive learning environment. Their efforts can mark the difference between an average school and an “A school” where youth can succeed behaviorally, socially, emotionally, and academically. Ardor Health has helped school psychologists find their next positions around the country.

Educational Requirements of a School Psychologist

School psychology is a mix between clinical, educational, and counseling psychology. For this reason, students who are interested in becoming school psychologists begin with a bachelor’s program in one of these fields – although the course-load almost always involves a mixture of the three. It is likely for some people to find entry-level work as a school psychologist with only a bachelor’s degree, but most states have strict requirements that go beyond undergraduate studies. Many school psychologists are required to have 60 or more graduate school credits and must complete at least 1,200 hours working as interns before finding professional placement. Many up-and-coming school psychologists carry out these requirements while completing their education with a master’s or doctoral degree.

Finding Work as a School Psychologist

Most school psychologists work in public school settings such as nursery schools and college universities. A school psychologist can also find work in private businesses like hospitals, clinics, private schools, and mental health clinics. If you are a school psychologist looking for a new position and the next step of your career, view Ardor Health’s school psychology job listing to find options available to you around the country. You can also speak with one of our recruitment specialists by calling 855-GO-ARDOR!