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Social Worker

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Become a Social Worker

While social work is not strictly a medical career, it is a broad enough term that encompasses many similar duties. Generally, it is a career aimed at helping people cope and solve problems they face in their everyday lives. Social workers can help people in several ways. They can address troubled living situations, children’s developmental issues, and they can even help adults learn to develop the skills necessary to enter the workforce. Most professionals who start as social workers eventually hone in on a more focused field. Clinical social work is one specific group of social workers who aim to diagnose and treat behavioral, mental, and emotional issues. The social worker positions you can find on Ardor Health’s job listing are primarily clinical social work jobs.

Job Outlook For Social Workers

Employment for social workers is expected to increase by 12 percent until 2024, and most of that growth is driven due to increased demand for healthcare services. However, the specialty determines how fast the field grows. For example, social workers who work in administrative public health fields are often in high demand, but that does not mean child welfare social workers are in similar need.

Clinical Social Work Positions

Clinical social work is often divided into three specialties: mental health, public health, and school social work. Clinical social workers who focus on mental health are in one of the few positions where they need a master’s degree to provide treatment. The scope of their duties includes diagnosing mental disorders, planning out treatments, and assessing a client’s overall mental health. Public health social workers carry out administrative tasks like arranging patient paperwork, making administrative decisions for the health facility they work in, and making sure communication between patients and caregivers is facilitated. School social work is naturally more focused on children, helping them bridge their educational needs with their personal life. Student guidance counselors and special needs workers make up most of the school social work force.

Job Placement for Social Workers

Social workers are often recognized as nomads, moving from city to city to provide their services. Their active lifestyle means that social workers enjoy diverse working environments while meeting many new people. Ardor Health helps social workers open new chapters in their lives by supplying employment positions around the country. If you are a social worker ready to take on your next challenge, view our job listing today or call us at (855) 425-5768.