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Ardor Health really helped me wrap my head around travel back at the beginning and they were great to work with. Anytime anybody asks me about travel therapy, I always point them to my recruiter Kim Davis and Ardor Health. I’m happy to let people know all of the great experiences I’ve had with them.

Ben, PT

I have worked with a few travel companies and I have to say Ardor stands out above the rest! My recruiter Ashley always goes above and beyond to help me in any way possible. I always feel like she has my best interest at heart and has my back at all times.

A few little moments stand out to me (among the many)….One evening recently, I was trying to decide on my next placement and I was a little stressed out and texting Ashley some questions (pretty sure she had already left the office) and she sent me this really random silly video that just make me laugh. It’s the little things that matter! Another time I can recall is when I would intentionally not email Ashley outside of business hours because I knew she would take the time to email me back no matter the time of day.

My experience with Ardor and Ashley has been wonderful! I sometimes consider perm positions and then get a little sad that I would no longer be working with this amazing, dedicated person who cares so greatly for her employees. Thank you Ash for all you do! I don’t say that enough! 

Lindsey L., PT


I have been working as a contract SLP for years before getting in touch with Carolynn Capella at Ardor Health Solutions. The level of efficiency, respect, help and dedication that Ardor (specifically my recruiter, Carolynn) has offered me is unparalleled to any agency prior. I know that with Carolynn, she is at bat for me and always lining things up for the future, which in the past was a concern as a contractor or traveler. Carolynn has proven to me how loyal and helpful recruiters can be. Since working for Ardor and with Carolynn, I plan to not look elsewhere and have finally found a person/team that I look forward to working with in the future. Carolynn, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do and for always supporting me!

Morgan D., SLP

Travel therapy is never an easy decision to make especially for a mother of 2. I have been with Ardor over a year now and it has been an exceptional experience. I have always felt extremely supported working for Ardor. Starting with my recruiter Ashley, all the way to upper management. Even with difficult situations they have provided solutions beneficial for all.

I appreciate the hard work everyone at the company does and plan to continue to work with them for as long as I can! 

Elizabeth C., SLP


I am pleased to note my satisfaction with the standard of service and support, offered to me by the qualified and efficient team of Ardor Health Solutions. This is a company with high integrity and enthusiasm, focusing on the utmost levels of satisfaction and success for their therapists. Ardor Health offers compensation and benefits that are one of the very best. My experience with each and every representative within this company has been exceptional.

Susan W., SLP

Working with Ardor Health Solutions overall has truly been a pleasure. My recruiter is Brittany and she is awesome to work with!  She goes above and beyond to find the assignment that matches all the requirements that I give.  I can always count on her to communicate her findings in a timely and professional matter.  I am extremely happy to be a speech therapist working with Ardor!

Jasmine S., SLP


My name is Ashley Saylor and I am an SLP. I just completed my second contract assignment with Ardor. I just wanted to take a minute to give my feedback regarding my experience. First, my recruiter Miranda Moronta was awesome! From the first moment she emailed me when I expressed interest in Ardor, to my last day, she was outstanding. She answered all of my texts, emails, and phone calls in record time! Lol. She made sure that I was more than happy with my experiences and for a newbie that was completing her first travel assignment, that was very important to me. I have been in contact with other wonderful people as well including Lourdes in licensure and Laura in the housing dept. I couldn’t have been happier and if a permanent job had not become available in my home town, I would most definitely choose Ardor again! Thank you again!

Ashley S., SLP

The staff at Ardor has been awesome to work with. There are so many dynamics when working with a school, the staff at Ardor was always one step ahead keeping so many moving parts going! It really enabled us to concentrate on our clinical responsibilities. Robbi has been great to work with. She has been our main contact at Ardor. She is always thorough providing detailed information, this has truly been invaluable for us! Amanda is awesome. Anytime Peg or I have needed have needed information, status updates, contract clarification, etc., Amanda has always been available and incredibly resourceful!

Kevin M., PT


Hi Kim, I have really enjoyed working as a traveler and you have been an amazing and wonderful recruiter to work with. I can’t thank Laura enough for steering me in the right direction.

I have really enjoyed my school based contract and I’m thankful for the opportunity that you provided. I would be open to returning as a traveler at some point in the future. I can see the potential for new work experiences to broaden my scope as an OT.

I’d love to stay in touch. Thanks again for everything.

Meagan M., OTR/L


Kim has done a great job of taking on my career. When the rare hiccup happens, she has worked diligently, and with my many requests/needs, to get me the positions I want. She has also responded to my questions, even on the weekend, and forwarded them to the appropriate person, as needed. I really enjoy traveling and feel like I have the support that I need to take on the task. Thanks, Kim!

Krisanne P., PT