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At Ardor Health, we pride ourselves in offering top travel therapy opportunities. Do you often wonder about your purpose in life, or what your next steps should be? How about traveling the country and experiencing life in all its major cities? Are you a city dweller curious about life in the country? We have dozens of assignments for you to pursue as part of a physical therapist career. Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants are in high demand throughout the nation. Ardor Health partners with top physical therapy clinics and strive to ensure you are the best fit for the job. See what these rewarding careers have to offer.

Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Jobs

Demands for physical therapy assistant jobs are expected to surge in the next ten years. Why not get ahead of the curve and jump into it today? At Ardor Health, we strive to recruit the best-suited therapist assistant for the jobs at hand. All over the country there is a strong demand for skilled and compassionate physical therapy assistants. If you’ve always dreamt of touring the country, this is a viable way to do it while growing your career!