Ardor /ärdər/ noun : enthusiasm or passion

Passion. It’s in our name, and it’s in the way we serve our clinicians, our clients, and our own team members.

Your advocate in travel nursing and travel therapy

Our mission is to place exceptional clinicians in positions to provide exceptional care.

We genuinely care about the people we work with. We’re not filling quotas – we’re here to make intimate connections and have your back.

How do we deliver? By being Ardor Strong. With live and breathe our Ardor Strong values:

Strong Sence

A strong sense of self

Strenght In Numbers

Strength in numbers

Strong Influence

A strong influence on the industry

Strenght Influence

Strength in service

Desire to Have Fun

A strong desire to have fun

Who Is Ardor Health?

Absolutely nothing we do is outsourced. Every function,
process, and question you ask is handled by an Ardor
Advocate who can greet you with a smile.



Giving Back with Ardor Angels

Ardor Angels is our community outreach program, through which we support a wide variety of causes. From holiday drives and awareness walks to care packages for our overseas troops, it is a pleasure to give back to our communities through our Ardor Angels.

Our Awards Say It All

We are proud to be recognized by leading organizations for the work we do at Ardor Health