in your next travel
therapy opportunity

While you’re out making the world a better place, why shouldn’t you be able to see more of it?

Ardor matches travel therapists with facilities all over the country that are seeing shortages and looking for smart, compassionate people.

Whether you want to explore coastal communities, vibrant cityscapes, or towns tucked in the shadow of majestic mountains, we have travel therapy assignments for you.

Our Travel
Therapy Specialties

If you are an occupational or physical therapist, you have a world of opportunity before you. In travel therapy positions, you typically stick around at each job for about 13 weeks (although each contract can vary). You will continue helping patients in their rehabilitation process, and as long as you have the educational requirements and corresponding state license, you can advocate for patients and gain tremendous experience in healthcare facilities all over the US. Think about all the cities you have been wanting to explore. Ardor can find you a travel therapy job so you can experience your dream city while gaining invaluable career experience.

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Exciting Destinations?

We’ll help you take your therapy career on the road.

Travel Therapy Questions?

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