4 Myths About Your Travel Career – Debunked

Myths Blog 7.9.24

There are countless misconceptions about traveling as a healthcare professional, but we’re here to set the record straight. In this week’s post, “4 Myths About Your Travel Career – Debunked,” we’ll bust these myths wide open, reveal the truth, and share some of our top tips along the way!

Myth 01: “My job is going to change, and I will be moving around every 13 weeks.”

Truth 01: Not if you don’t want to!

Many times, a facility is open to, or will even ask if a traveler would like to extend their current assignment. If you are a few weeks into a contract & feel you are in the groove, let your recruiter know you are open to an extension. When the time is right, your recruiter & agency will reach out to your facility to arrange the details. Extensions typically add 8-13 weeks at a time to your assignment.

**Pro Tip! Always hit the ground running when starting a new contract. Ensuring you put your best foot forward will give your extension requests the likelihood of being accepted with a resounding “Yes!” by the facility.

Myth 02: “I can’t take off any time during my travel assignment.”

Truth 02: You can! BUT

Keep in mind why you were needed there in the first place; it’s usually to fill a gap or shortage in that facilities’ staff. That means there is preference for travelers who keep their requested time off (RTO) for a contract to a minimum and communicate all needed days before signing the contract. For example, if there was a contract with a high pay, or in a desirable area that many travelers were applying for, the facility will typically narrow it down to those with little to no RTO – over travelers with equal experience & more scheduling needs.

**Pro Tip! The best part of travel is work only needs to happen 13 weeks at a time! If you took an assignment in an area you want to explore, book your housing/accommodations for an extra week or two after your contract ends so you always have a built-in vacation wherever you go! We will always do our best to work with your needs, so if you do have time, you need off during a contract, let us know ASAP so we can work our magic 🪄✨

Myth 03: “That other agency gave everyone a fancy gift and new iPad. They must be the best one to work for.”

Truth 03: That $ has to come from somewhere, right?

More often than not, the cash needed to cover the cost of all those wonderful gifts from agencies comes out of your pocket.

When your take home pay is calculated for your contract, a portion can be set aside & used for a gift during your assignment. Sure, maybe whatever it is they bought you were planning on purchasing eventually, but we prefer travelers get the chance to spend their own money when and how they see fit.

Myth 04: “Traveling is for loners or will make you feel all alone.”

Truth 04: Actually, it’s the key to BFFs from coast to coast!

No matter what, being in a new place & meeting new people is always what you make of it. HOWEVER, we personally couldn’t think of a better way to meet countless new people that totally get your lifestyle, understand the #struggle, and need equally as much coffee as you. Whether it’s fellow travelers, or the perm staff at the facility – there is a gallery of new faces to meet at every new assignment.

**Pro Tip! Non-work new friends are amazing too! During your off days, try taking advantage of your unique opportunity to explore new areas and try new hobbies! Embracing change can kickstart that adventurous side of you; AND make sure you always have the coolest stories at get-togethers. *wink*

By busting these travel tall tales, we hope to clear up any doubts and inspire you to take the leap into an exciting travel healthcare career. Ardor believes with the right information and support; the adventure possibilities are endless!