5 Great Reasons Why Speech Language Pathologists Have The Best Job

If you’re in the healthcare business, you’re in the business of helping others, which is an immense perk of becoming a healthcare professional in the first place. But perhaps it’s Speech Language Pathologists who have some of the greatest benefits when it comes to the day to day life of being an SLP. Here’s what you can expect!


5. You Can Be Self-Employed!

One aspect of Speech Language Pathology that people tend to forget is the ability for you to be self employed. It’s not uncommon for SLPs to work with private clients during their off hours in order to supplement their full time speech language pathology salary. For example, an SLP can spend all day in a school system and then come home to spend a few hours with a client in another state using teletherapy. The possibilities are endless!

4. Creativity Is Essential

Creativity is a must if an SLP wants to be successful. But for most Speech Language Pathologists, the necessity of being creative is just an added bonus. Since every child and adult have different needs and abilities, it is essential for SLPs to tap into their creative side to develop programs and exercises for each individual person. Every client is different, which means every therapy program has to be different as well. It may seem stressful, but the ability to create unique programs can be something an SLP looks forward to with each client!

3. Access To A Variety Of Settings

Speech Language Pathologists’ education and training open their career up to a variety of different settings. They include, but certainly aren’t limited to.

  • Both Public and Private School Systems
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Home Health
  • Private Clinics/Private Practice
  • Hospital Inpatient/Outpatient
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Nonprofit Agencies

SLP’s have a huge advantage compared to other careers! It becomes virtually impossible to get burned out in any particular position due to the fact that SLPs can swap in and out of different settings and constantly take on new challenges. The best part? If you’re up to it, you can work in different settings at the same time, increasing your annual income.

2. Salary & Benefits

Speaking of annual income, an SLPs salary stays competitive no matter what setting they choose to work in. The below tables provided by The American Speech–Language–Hearing Association show a Speech Language Pathologist’s salary range and median in every setting for 2014.

SLP Salaries In SNF, Home Health and Hospitals

SLP Salaries In Schools

1. The Impact You Have Is Immeasurable!

One fact that is certainly true among Speech Language Pathologists is the satisfaction they get when they see a student or adult progress over time and begin to see real change in their lives. It can be even more empowering for SLPs whom work with children or in school systems because they can see how the change has impacted a child’s life in a massive way. A child can go from barely speaking to forming their very own sentences effortlessly! The satisfaction of truly making a positive impact on someone’s life coupled with the growing satisfaction of the career itself makes being a Speech Language Pathologist one of the best jobs!

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