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The Top 4 Benefits of a Career as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Jobs in the healthcare field are becoming more plentiful as an aging population increases the need for quality care. A certified nursing assistant (CNA) provides nursing care for people unable to take care of themselves. Whether a patient is recovering from a temporary disability or illness, or needs permanent care, a CNA is a critical component to a patient’s day-to-day life. While the job is demanding, it can contain many perks and rewards.

An Ideal Career for Compassionate Individuals

A CNA may take care of a patient’s hygiene needs (like bathing) and keep track of all vitals. In some institutional settings, a CNA may take on more responsibility, caring for all a patient’s needs. This position is ideal for people who enjoy caring for others. It may not be considered an “easy” job, but few worthwhile activities are. Healthcare professionals who pursue certified nursing assistant positions tend to feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose as they help patients with their most basic activities. Working as a certified nursing assistant tends to be emotionally rewarding, especially in long-term care situations.

Potential Career Avenues

Along with emotional rewards, a CNA position can open the door to other desirable healthcare careers. Because CNAs gain such valuable experience caring for others, some nursing schools won’t even consider applicants unless they’ve previously worked as certified nursing assistants. The rigorous work involved in the CNA profession provides strong preparation for a full-fledged nursing career.

Cost-Effective Training Programs

CNA trainees can complete their training in a variety of settings, from hospitals to community or vocational colleges. They can even train in private schools. In some cases, a company may train a candidate for free while he or she works or makes a commitment to work for a certain amount of time. The training programs for CNAs are affordable and usually range between $300 to $1,500.

A Choice of Work Environments

People who become certified nursing assistants have the power of choice when it comes to their work environment. CNAs can work in several settings depending on their strengths and preferences. They can work as home healthcare workers, in hospitals, or in a hospice situation. Each environment offers different advantages. Work schedules also tend to be a bit more flexible than a nurse’s schedule, which is a positive for CNAs who are continuing education or raising families.

As the need for quality care increases, CNA jobs are projected to rise right alongside that need. As a CNA working with Ardor Health, you could provide much-needed medical services to patients anywhere in the country! If you are considering pursuing a career as a CNA, Ardor Health can help you find the perfect job opportunity. Search our job listing and find a CNA spot anywhere in the U.S., or speak to one of our representatives to learn more by calling 855-GO-ARDOR.