Medical School Enrollment Hits Record High

Medical schools across the country have reported a record breaking number of applications and enrollments, despite the fact that senior physicians warn of the volatility of the medical field.

There’s a lot of numbers and statistics to consider when the current state of medical school enrollment, so we took the liberty of breaking it all down for you in the infographic below.

Medical School Enrollment Hits Record High

  • Although enrollment and the amount of applications rose, the amount of residency programs remained stagnant.
  • The amount of minorities entering medical school looks promising with an increase of 11.6% Black students and a 6.9% increase in both Asian and Latino students.
  • Despite the growth, the ratio of male to female students remains largely unchanged.

What To Make Of The Numbers

So what do these numbers mean? Arcoding to the AAMC, students are not afraid to dive into the medical field despite the warnings of veteran physicians. They are comfortable with technology and expect that there will be more than a few challenges ahead.

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