Microsoft’s Kinect Is Revolutionizing Physical Therapy

Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows isn’t just for practicing those dance moves or playing virtual sports anymore. Researchers at Reflexion Health are using the Kinect to change the way patients recover during Physical Therapy.

The system they used is called Vera, and it has recently received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration after being tested at five separate medical centers.

Microsoft’s Kinect Is Revolutionizing Physical Therapy

How Does Vera Work?

Vera takes advantage of the sophisticated sensors working inside the Kinect. The Kinect sensor uses depth sensing and body tracking to capture a patient’s exercise movements in precise detail. In real time, the system will provide a model on how to perform the exercise correctly and then offer feedback on each prescribed exercise. Gone are the days of looking down at a piece of paper and attempting to understand a model drawing of a particular exercise. Vera will tell you if you are lifting or twisting the correct way and help to reinforce good exercise technique. The Vera system also greatly benefits the physical therapist, because the data is shared with the PT, allowing them track their patient’s progress and adjust the program remotely if need be.

What Does The FDA Approval Mean?

Now that Reflexion Health has received FDA approval, the Vera technology will soon be able to benefit more patients than ever. “We are thrilled to be one of a growing number of digital medicine companies to receive FDA clearance to use innovative tools and methods, such as Vera, to deliver care in a more engaging and efficient way,” says Spencer Hutchins, CEO and co-founder of Reflexion Health. “We look forward to continuing to demonstrate Vera’s positive impact on patients, doctors, and therapists.”

Technology Is Changing The Way We Care For Others
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