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Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapists enjoy a rewarding career of helping people get back on their feet. From helping children with disabilities adjust to school to providing support for the elderly, the world of occupational therapy is vast. There are many opportunities for these skills all over the country, with numbers expected to grow. At Ardor Health Solutions, we match aspiring occupational therapists with new positions in the country.

Occupational Therapist

To be recognized as an occupational therapist, you must have a master’s degree with coursework that focuses on biology and physiology. Getting certified as an occupational therapist is voluntary, but every state will require a license to practice. While many of the requirements for an occupational therapy license are similar from state to state, they are rarely one-to-one.

For those interested in receiving a license for practicing occupational therapy in another state, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) has an exhaustive list of contact information for each state board. Keep in mind that while certification is a voluntary aspect of occupational therapy, earning your certifications can prove that you are capable of a higher level of work. You can earn your certification by completing the exam given by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT).

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Working Environments of an Occupational Therapist

Around half of occupational therapists in the professional workforce carry out their duties in private offices, clinics, and hospitals. The other half are spread out among jobs that may better cater to their specialties or areas of study. For example, occupational therapists with a focus on pediatrics will often work in schools. Other occupational therapists who prefer working with older patients may spend more time in home health services and nursing homes. Occupational therapists who are unsure of where to focus their skills often explore their options through travel therapy.

Finding an Occupational Therapy Job

As mentioned earlier, numbers are expected to grow for the employment of occupational therapists. As the medical field can more accurately diagnose instances of Alzheimer’s disease, autism, cerebral palsy, and many other conditions, there will be an increased need for an occupational therapist’s expertise. Ardor Health helps traveling occupational therapists around the country find their next healthcare job. Contact us today at 855-GO-Ardor or view our job listing to find available openings.

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