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Physical Therapy

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Become a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who help patients reduce feelings of pain – usually after a severe injury – and restore movement without relying on long-term prescription medications that may have harmful side effects. Physical therapy sessions involve techniques and procedures with widespread clinical applications, often enhancing a patient’s recovery during a post-surgical period. Ardor Health is proud to support physical therapists around the country find their next opportunity in helping patients rediscover full physical functionality.

The Duties of a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists take on an active role in their patient’s life and can often be seen as a teacher during sessions. These healthcare experts will diagnose where the dysfunction of movement stems from, managing the cause to help enhance the patient’s physical abilities. Management often takes the form of active rehabilitation where the physical therapist examines the patient’s medical history, conducts a systems review, and performs tests that help the patient contextualize how and why they are feeling pain or have difficulty moving. After the initial examination, the physical therapist and patient will meet periodically in sessions often known as interventions to conduct reexaminations, modify expected goals and outcomes to avoid overworking the body, and developing discharge plans once the patient meets those goals.

Educational Requirement of Physical Therapists

Those who wish to practice physical therapy must receive a graduate degree from a recognized physical therapy program. The graduate degree may either be a master’s or clinical doctorate from an accredited education program. Most programs offer a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree; be sure to research the universities or institutions you are interested in attending to find out if they include such programs. After graduation, therapists must then take a national licensure exam that makes them eligible to practice. Further regulation will vary between states; you can find a full list of practice acts from state to state on the American Physical Therapy Association’s official site.

Employment Opportunities for Physical Therapists

An increasingly aging population with longer lifespans means that there is currently a high, growing demand for physical therapists. Instances of strokes, heart attack, and injuries related to mobility are more frequent for older patients, and such events often require the expertise of physical therapists to achieve a full recovery. Chronic medical conditions like diabetes may also damage a patient’s mobility. While advancing medical technologies means patients are more likely to have quicker treatment, the post-surgical period often requires monitored rehabilitation. If you are a physical therapist who is looking for a new position and have dreamed of touring the country, Ardor Health has jobs available for you.