Prehab: Strengthen Your Body Before Surgery

If you’ve ever had to undergo any type of extensive surgery, you know that the recovery process can be long and sometimes painful. But unfortunately, it’s a necessary step in any recovery. But there is a way to ease the pain and make the process of recovery a lot easier if you simply plan ahead.

It’s called prehab; and it’s becoming a growing solution for any person who has to face surgery or any athlete or active individual who simply wants to prevent injury.

Prehab: Strengthen Your Body Before Surgery

What Is Prehab?

Prehab can be slotted into two different categories. The first is prehabilitation and the second is used to prevent injuries in activities or sports.

Let’s start with the prehabilitation portion.

Research points to evidence that prehab helps improve a patient’s recovery speed post surgery, and in the end, helps the patient to save money by avoiding large physical therapy bills.

Through prehab, healthcare professionals help a patient by educating them and laying out an exercise program that’s designed to increase a patient’s strength, endurance and overall recovery speed before any major surgery.

Since exercise naturally increases someone’s strength, endurance and flexibility, it’s only natural that exercising before surgery, or prehab will decrease your time in rehab or the hospital and increase your quality of life following surgery. Prehab isn’t limited to one specific surgery either.

Prehab: Strengthen Your Body Before Surgery


Prehab can help when dealing with surgeries like:

Cancer treatment

Rotator cuff repair

ACL repair

Hip and Knee replacement

Joint replacement

Cardiac Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery



These are just a few procedures that a patient can prepare for through prehab.

Prehab For Prevention

There are several companies that already help active individuals to get in touch with prehab specialists to begin conditioning. say, “Prehab is a proven, common sense technique to thoughtfully prevent injuries before they happen. Preventing injuries decrease healthcare costs, and can improve the quality of life for many Americans.”

Prehab: Strengthen Your Body Before Surgery

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Prehab is the most effectively way of addressing preventable injury in sports. It links experienced professionals with effective prevention information and educated athletes. Request that your healthcare provider is a certified prehab specialist.

The Structure Of A Prehab For Program

The typical length of a prehab program lasts anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks. Between that length of time, the typical human body will gain enough strength and endurance to allow for better recovery after surgery. Most people can get by with a program lasting between 6 and 8 weeks with an exercise routine between 3 and 5 days.  Of course, a physical therapist would work with you to craft a program for your specific body and target parts that will be affected by surgery.

Like any exercise program, the intensity would be scaled to your current physical condition or limitations.

Unfortunately, prehab is not covered by insurance as of right now. But the argument could be made that the faster recovery process is invaluable!

The intensity of the program will depend on your current physical condition and any limitations you may have related to your medical diagnosis that is requiring you to undergo surgery.


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