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Physical Therapist Compact Licensure Change: What You Need to Know!

Great news! PT COMPACT is now available. PT COMPACT will give you the opportunity to obtain Compact Privilege in participating states that you would like to work in, using your Home State Compact License. This helps create a New Pathway for your Professional Career and Ardor Health Solutions is ready to help guide you through the process. Contact your Recruiter and Licensing Coordinator, Lourdes, at 866-425-5768 EXT 229, for assistance.

Your Home Compact State License should be current and in good standing to be ready for the Compact Privilege Launch in July. Contact your Home State Board to make sure you are compliant with all requirements to be ready for this great opportunity.

PTA/PTA Privelige Requirements

  1. Hold a current, valid PT or PTA license in your home state as defined in Commission Rules.
  2. Your home state must be a member of the PT Compact
  3. You cannot have any active encumbrances against any PT or PTA license
  4. You cannot have any disciplinary action against any PT or PTA license for a period of two years.
  5. The state where you are seeking a compact privilege must be a member of the PT
  6. Your fingerprinting must be up to date and your jurisprudence exams should be completed, if applicable!

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