Why Social Work is a Great Career Choice for Helping Others


Social work is often challenging. You often have to juggle your clients, your business, and your own needs. These priorities can clash, frustrating employees who approach the career like any other job. Making a difference in the world is the core value of social work for many. Instead of waiting for the next paycheck, you are fighting to enhance a person’s – or a community’s – quality of life.

Job Variety

Many of the positions available to you in the field require no more than a bachelor’s degree for qualification. The only exception is a clinical job, which often requires certification and a master’s degree in social work. Your work environment can vary from government offices to the communities looking for your assistance. As diverse as social work is, categorizing the available positions into three fields can help with making a decision on where to focus:

  • Social work that focuses on children and their schools or families
  • Substance abuse and mental health counselors
  • Social work careers in healthcare

A High Demand Field

For at least the next five years, social work positions will be in high demand. While many people don’t consider social work for the payment, the greater need for your services often means increased pay for qualified applicants. Large metropolitan areas like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago often need social workers more than other regions around the country, making the career an excellent option for those looking to move into the city. You can feel your work is more valuable when others need your knowledge!


If you need to address other responsibilities like family or personal interests, many social work positions provide a higher level of autonomy. Depending on the work environment, you can set your schedule and stay out of the office by meeting with clients on the field. This independence includes positions within the government and schools. Make sure you do your research on where you apply.

Making a Lasting Impact

A social worker can give a family the help it needs to find employment, secure housing, and strong education. Your involvement can improve a child’s future or mend the connections within a community. Social work programs like building a park, scheduling a food drive, or assisting a charity may be the foundations of a service that can benefit countless people in need for years to come. It’s true that social work has unique challenges, but with your commitment to helping others you can make the world a better place. Find your next social work position on Ardor Health today and make a positive difference in someone’s life.