Staying Healthy as a Travel Nurse


The life of a nurse can be strenuous and exhilarating. Nurses are often trained to prioritize making sure those around them are healthy and happy. While this is essential to being a top-notch nurse, it can also be exhausting. Staying healthy as a nurse is beneficial to everyone around them, including themselves. Follow these small steps to help maintain your health so you can maintain others’.

Pack Healthy Pre-made Snacks

When you’re running around all day taking care of patients, it can be hard to find the time to sit down for a healthy meal or snack. Often, it’s easier to turn to the vending machine or snag a piece of cake leftover from the breakroom than it is to eat a well-balanced snack. Pre-making a healthy snack can be a great way to get the nutrients your body needs when you’re on-the-go. Filling a mason jar or Tupperware container with different fruits and vegetables can give you the boost you need while maintaining a healthy diet.

Eat Lots of Protein

Protein is a building block for many aspects of our bodies and should be an essential part of your diet. For nurses who are consistently on the move, eating lots of protein can help keep energy levels consistent, blood sugar regulated, and immune system healthy. Incorporating foods like Greek yogurt, nuts, lean meats and fish into your diet is a great way to stay healthy.

Take a Multivitamin

Regardless of what you have on your plate for the day, taking a daily multivitamin can help fill the gaps you may be missing from your meals. There are many multivitamins out there, but it’s best to take one that uses real fruits and vegetables and isn’t synthetic. Taking a multivitamin in addition to your healthy eating habits will keep your body and mind in top shape for your busy day.

Stay Hydrated

Water is essential to keeping the body performing to its full potential, and drinking lots of it will help maintain the body’s health. Not only does drinking water quench your thirst, but it also improves cardiovascular health, keeps your body cool and helps joints and muscles work better. Keeping a reusable water bottle handy during your shift can help you stay hydrated.

Being a nurse can test you both mentally and physically, but following these tips can help you put your health first so you can continue to help others. We recognize the importance of nurses and want to make sure they are as healthy as possible. Contact us today to join our network of healthy and happy travel nurses throughout the country.