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When Erika isn’t helping her travelers find their dream jobs, you can find her out being active with her family. Anything outdoors, and Erika is there! Volleyball, surfing, the Florida Springs, you name it! Erika also loves to give back to the pups in her area. She’s a foster mama for local shelters in her area, always making time to give extra belly rubs and extra treats until they find their forever home.

Great Recruiters Ratings

Great Recruiters Ratings


She has been honest and up front about everything so far. I feel I can trust her to get me the best possible travel job and still be where I want to go. It's my first time and Erika has explained how this works. Still in the process, but I am confident it will go smoothly thanks to Erika. I appreciate you Erika!!!!!!
DonnieJoy H.
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