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From Redwood forests, to amber waves of grain, our Ardor Recruiters are ready to help you find the adventure that’s just right for you. Scroll to learn more about our team & discover who will help you embark on your next travel assignment!

Taylor - Round (1)

Hiya! I'm Taylor! I'm known for being transparent and empathetic, always reliable and ready for an adventure. My quirky personality adds a unique touch to everything I do.

Taylor Ormrod SR. Nursing Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:

Delaney - Round (1)

Heya! I'm Delaney! I'm known for my intelligence and kind, caring nature, always ready to brighten your day with a touch of humor. My adventurous spirit keeps me exploring new possibilities and bringing fresh ideas to the team.

Delaney Lewis SR. Allied Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
San Jose del Cabo

Tara - Round (1)

Hi, I'm Tara! I'm known for being attentive and reliable, always ready to lend a helping hand with an optimistic outlook. You can count on me to be straightforward and supportive in every situation.

Tara Moses SR. Allied Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Key West, FL

Tom - Round (1)

Wassup, I'm Tom! I'm curious and observant, always eager to learn and adapt. With empathy and diligence, I strive to understand and support my team in achieving our goals.

Tom Boquard Nursing Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:

Caleb - Round (1)

Yo! It’s Caleb! I'm passionate and driven, bringing a competitive spirit to everything I do. You can trust that my hardworking nature will always be dedicated to achieving our goals.

Caleb Graham Allied Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Telluride, CO

Carolynn - Round (1)

Hello! I'm Carolynn! I'm motivated and friendly, always ready to encourage and help others. My down-to-earth approach ensures that I connect well with everyone on the team.

Carolynn Salamone Nursing Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
St. Lucia

Zack - Round (1)

What’s crackin? I'm Zack! I love laughter, cherish family, and am passionate about sports. My enthusiasm and positive energy make me a fun and engaging part of the team.

Zack Barton Nursing Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Costa Rica

Angel - Round (1)

Hi, I'm Angel! I'm calm and grounded, bringing a collected demeanor to every situation. Though I'm an introvert at heart, I enjoy being sociable and connecting with others in meaningful ways.

Angel Ortiz Nursing Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Providence Canyon, GA

Allison - Round (1)

Hey, hey, hey! I'm Allison! I'm dedicated and loyal, with a competitive spirit and a tenacious approach to every challenge. My intelligence helps me excel and contribute effectively to the team.

Allison Kadick Nursing Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Charleston, SC

Lukat - Round (1)

Ahoy! I'm Michael! I'm known for being caring and trustworthy, with a strong sense of loyalty and honesty. My hardworking nature ensures that I always give my best to support the team.

Michael Lukat Nursing Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:

Trevor- Round (1)

Aloha! I'm Trevor! I have a passion for golf and business, and I value time spent with family and friends. I'm also a food enthusiast who loves exploring new culinary experiences.

Trevor Sisson Nursing Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:

Sean - Round (1)

Hi, I'm Sean! I'm a driven and competitive individual with a passion for sports and travel. My independent nature helps me tackle challenges head-on while always seeking new adventures.

Sean Kelly Allied Recruiter

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
A Fresh Cut Golf Course

Our Account Managers are ensuring Ardor’s top talent is filling the hottest jobs for our clients & always uncovering areas across the country in need of exceptional clinicians.

Leo - Round (1)

How’s it hanging?  I'm Leo! I'm all about family and loyalty, bringing integrity and transparency to everything I do. As an adrenaline junkie, I thrive on excitement and adventure.

Leo Mussel National Account Manager - Team Lead

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
St. John, UVSI

Lindsay - Round (1)

Ciao! I'm Lindsay! I'm goal-oriented and adaptable, always finding resourceful ways to achieve success. With a strong sense of accountability and self-discipline, I strive to be a dependable and effective team member.

Lindsay McRae National Account Manager

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Bali & Italy

Adam - Round-new

Hi, I'm Adam! As an extroverted and motivated gamer, I bring energy and enthusiasm to the team. My caring nature and love for all things nerdy make me a great person to work with.

Adam Leroux National Account Manager

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Buffalo Trace Distillery

Kate - Round (1)

Hey there! I'm Kate! I'm hard-working and honest, always putting in my best effort with a caring touch. My stubborn and feisty spirit drives me to tackle challenges head-on.

Kate London National Account Manager

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Germany or Aruba

Our leadership, admin, & support team members work around the clock to provide our travelers & clients white glove service.

Lamias - Round (1)

Here's a personalized introduction for Patty: Hi, I'm Patty! I'm a devoted and loving woman who embraces forgiveness and patience. My grateful heart helps me appreciate and support those around me.

Patty Lamia Executive Chairwoman & Co-Founder

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:

Lamias - Round (1)

Hi, I'm the ‘OG’ Mike Lamia! I'm a hard-working family man who values humility and humor. My love for God and dedication to my family guide me in everything I do.

Mike Lamia Sr. Co-Founder

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:

Ashley - Round (1)

Greetings! I'm Ashley! I'm a focused and friendly individual, always transparent and loyal in my interactions. As a father, I bring a nurturing and dedicated approach to both my family and my work.

Ashley Grohs CEO

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Asheville, NC

Steph - Round (1)

Hi, I'm Stephanie! I'm an optimistic mommy and boss-lady who navigates challenges with a risk-adverse approach. With a positive outlook and leadership skills, I strive to create a supportive and empowering environment for my team.

Stephanie Saltzgaver President

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Mike T - Round (1)

Hey-o! I'm Mike! I'm a dedicated and loyal team member with a witty sense of humor. Though I'm a homebody at heart, my goofy nature brings fun and laughter to the workplace.

Mike T. Lamia Executive VP

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Asheville, NC

Jenn - Round (1)

Hi there! I'm Jenn! I'm authentic and approachable, always bringing creativity and drive to everything I do. My affectionate nature helps me connect with everyone on a genuine level.

Jennifer Miranda-Vitiello Director of Operations

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Charleston, SC

Huey - Round (1)

Hi, I'm Katie! I bring empathy and kindness to every interaction, coupled with adaptability and patience. With a great sense of humor, I strive to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere for everyone around me.

Katie Huey Director of HR & Benefots Admin.

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Netherlands & Japan

Shervin Round (1)

How's it hangin'? I'm Shervin! I'm a determined and ambitious guy always remains considerate and thoughtful. My adaptable nature allows me to navigate challenges with ease and support my team effectively.

Shervin Shabiki Director of IT

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Amalfi Coast

Isabella - Round (2)

Hi-dee-ho! I'm Isabella! I'm a perceptive and empathetic individual, always approaching life with an optimistic outlook. While I value my independence, my silly side ensures there's always a bit of fun and laughter in everything I do.

Isabella Colosia Marketing & Brand Manager

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Whitefish, MT

Katherine - Round (1)

Hey girl, hey! I'm Katherine! I'm known for my welcoming and cheerful demeanor, and my passion shines through in everything I do. With a loving and kind heart, I strive to create a warm and positive environment for those around me.

Katherine Grantham Corporate Trainer & Curriculum Specialist

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
West Palm Beach, FL

Marie - Round (1)

Hi, I'm Marie! I'm known for my honesty and caring nature, with a competitive spirit and an athletic edge. My attentiveness and kindness help me connect with and support the team effectively.

Marie Braica Manager of Administration

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Cancun & Rome

Bek - Round (1)

Howdy, I'm Bek! I'm an adventurist with a goofy side, always bringing honesty and patience to every interaction. Though I can be a bit anxious at times, I strive to face challenges with a positive attitude

Rebekah Hagerman Contracts Database Administrator

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Disney’s Castaway Cay

Melissa Brady - Round (1)

Hi, I'm Melissa Brady! I'm a dependable and caring individual who loves getting lost in a good book. My practical approach and easygoing nature make me a reliable part of the team.

Melissa Brady Accounting & Payroll Specialist

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
London, England

Chelsea - Round (1)

What’s up! I'm Chelsea! I'm known for being caring and friendly, always here to support you with patience and a helpful attitude. You can count on me to be a supportive presence in any situation.

Chelsea Guadalupe Accounting Assistant

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Puerto Rico

Sarah Round (1)

Hi, I'm Sarah! As a diligent writer and observant bookworm, I thrive in quiet, homey environments. My love for stories and detail helps me bring thoughtful insights to the team.

Sarah Osborne QA Specialist & RFP Coordinator

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:

Melissa Hall - Round (1)

Hey there, I'm Melissa Hall! Known for being hardworking and disciplined, I'm your go-to person for reliability and loyalty. With an empathetic touch, I aim to understand and support others in every situation.

Melissa Hall Accounts Receivable Specialist

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:

Dee - Round (1)

Hey hun! I'm Dee! I'm a caring and social individual with a funny and passionate personality. My loyalty to the team and dedication to making connections are what drive me every day.

Dee Sauro QA Specialist

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled:
Munford, AL