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Travel Therapy

Looking to Explore the Country?

Are you an allied healthcare professional looking to explore the country or even widen the breadth of your work experience? Then perhaps allied health travel is the option for you! When healthcare facilities experience any kind of shortages, they employ the aid of a staffing company such as Ardor Health Solutions to fill new vacancies. We match temporary allied health travel professionals with these clinics to engage in temporary assignments that typically last 13 to 42 weeks.

Travel assignments for allied healthcare professionals are exciting opportunities to experience working in different healthcare environments while experiencing what it is to live in some of the liveliest cities in the country. If you have relatives or friends you only see during special reunions, you could experience what it is like to live near them for a few months of the year. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live in rural Colorado Springs or explore a metropolitan city such as Chicago or if you have ever dreamed of living on the coast, we have assignments that can make it a reality.

Exclusive Allied Travel Opportunities from Ardor Health Solutions

If there’s one profession that is always in demand, it is that of the healthcare professional. Medical, nursing, pharmaceutical and allied professionals are always needed to provide comprehensive healthcare to the population. Whether you seek an assignment close to your residence or are eager to travel, Ardor Health Solutions makes it possible to boost your career by helping you find new opportunities. We provide a wide variety of institutions to work from, whether you want to work at a hospital, clinic, medical center, nursing facility, government institution, home healthcare facility, or a school. The possibilities are endless!

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The allied health travel opportunities at Ardor Health Solutions are perfect for recent college graduates who crave both experience and adventure. Veteran clinicians can also find opportunities to build their skill set while enjoying top pay, comprehensive insurance coverage, private housing, and other great benefits.