How to Balance Work and Family Life as a Travel Therapist


Most traveling therapists fresh out of college don’t have to worry about balancing work and family life; however, as they get older, the realities of taking care of family often appear. While the constant movement of travel therapy is desirable for many, it can make staying connected with those you care about challenging. Luckily, many of the same skills you learn at work can also help in maintaining a balance.

Be Flexible

When it comes to family – especially children – everything can change in a second. While you should not stress over every chance event, allowing yourself to get too comfortable is an easy way to get blindsided by something unexpected. Understand that you will have to forgive yourself for not getting some things done as family can take precedence. Many people have had to change their original goals in order to find success while balancing work and family.

Build Your Support Network

Because work and family can be so unpredictable, having at least one helping hand can make a big difference. Other family members, close friends, coworkers, and bosses who understand your situation can provide support. These people can help contribute to a contingency plan in case of an emergency.

Take Advantage of Quality Time

When traveling therapists take work off for family, they stress about not having enough time. They worry so much that they don’t take the opportunity to appreciate the days they do have off. Give your family your full attention when you can. Many families build traditions like going out to eat, seeing a movie, or hiking together when everyone can be at one place.

Find Child Care You Can Trust

If you are raising a family and your spouse is often left with the kids, give your significant other a break by looking for a child care expert. Sometimes, being left to take care of the children for most of the time can feel unfair and adds another layer of stress to someone who probably has just as much work as you do. An experienced child care provider can stay connected with you, can communicate frequently, and can let you know how the kids are doing on days when your spouse needs a break.

Make Time For Yourself

It’s hard to be a good partner, parent, and professional when you are not taking care of yourself. Self-care is vital for keeping free of tension and built up stress. This usually means making boundaries for yourself in terms of work. Determine early on when it is appropriate to say “No” to a task that may be too much work, or when to have time to enjoy by yourself so you don’t feel constantly pulled apart by work and family life.

Every traveling therapist will eventually need to craft their own formula for balancing work and family life. While it may seem difficult to approach head-on, doing so early can help with unexpected events in the future. Looking for a new traveling therapy position? Check out our available positions and find one right for you.