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The school nurse is an integral part of a child’s well-being in an educational setting. Nursing children at school is much more involved than simply sending them home when they fall ill. A child’s school nurse fosters the child’s good health, academic success, and lifelong achievement. He or she plays a big part in the child’s development and progress in the education system.

Goals of a School Nurse

Keeping kids safe at school is the top priority of a professional school nurse. It is a specialized and highly rewarding career path. A school nurse is the child’s healthcare practitioner outside of the child’s primary pediatrician. As case managers, school nurses communicate with other healthcare providers in the child’s life. They are the child’s medical link between regular doctor’s visits.

A Nurse is Always Needed!

With over 50 million children attending school throughout the country, a career as a school nurse can be extremely rewarding. There is always demand for caring and well-educated individuals, particularly for practicing nurses that work with special needs students. At Ardor Health, your dream of becoming a traveling school nurse can be a reality! There are many positions open. Enquire today!