3 Tips to Show Your Nurses Appreciation Year Round


Nurses are some of the most hardworking professionals in healthcare. Sacrificing weekends, holidays, and spending countless hours on their feet, these healthcare superheroes answer any and all questions patients may have, ease their anxiety, make them feel more comfortable, relieve their pain, and care for them around the clock.

Dedicating their lives to patients, nurses deserve more than just one week of appreciation. Here are 3 tips to help you show your nursing staff appreciation all year round.

Implement a Sense of Community

One of the simplest ways to show your nurses appreciation is by establishing a sense of community. Overworked nurses are often too busy to sit in hour-long meeting or conferences. Instead, gather your nurses for a quick pep rally to boost their energy on a regular basis. Thank your nurses for their hard work, encourage participation and feedback during the pep rally to spark their motivation.

Listen to Their Feedback

Make sure your nurses’ voices are being heard. Nurses usually spend the most time with patients, so it is crucial to listen to concerns and comments they may have. Address your nurses when they offer suggestions to improve quality of care. Include them in conversations during meetings by opening the floor to them and hearing their thoughts. Your nurses are integral part of the team and they should feel that way. Improve your communication with your coworkers.

Start an Employee Recognition Program

Give your nurses the public recognition they deserve. Create a “Nurse of the Month” bulletin board visible to patients and staff alike to praise a nurse who has exceeded expectations. Use company social media accounts to feature the strengths of your nurses by adding a picture and a comment giving them praise.

Investing a little time to do these things will not only make your nurses feel appreciated, but also show everyone how incredible they are. Contact us today if you are in need of one of our super nurses. If you are looking for a nursing position in the U.S., be sure to search our travel nurse openings throughout the country. Exciting opportunities await those looking to dive into a fulfilling career.