Travel Nurses: 4 Reasons to Consider a 48-Hour Work Week


If you’re considering a career as a travel nurse, you may want to look for an agency that offers 48-hour work weeks. This extended arrangement provides new and veteran nurses with financial stability thanks to the guarantee of additional hours and the boosted rate of overtime pay.

These are the four best reasons to become a travel nurse and embrace a 48-hour work week.

1. Higher Gross Pay

In addition to your hourly wage, you’ll be making at least eight hours of overtime per week, calculated at time-and-a-half. Even though your shifts will become longer, you’ll be investing in your financial future by giving yourself the opportunity to save for a home, dream vacation, or even increasing contributions to your retirement account.

2. Earn More Money in Fewer Hours

Since you’re working more hours each week, you’ll be able to take additional time off between assignments. The higher your income, the more freedom you’ll have to take a break when you need it. Travel nursing is an excellent arrangement for anyone who wants to travel, spend more time with family, or pursue a time-consuming hobby. If you’re looking to take some of that additional time to travel, read about the benefits of traveling alone.

3. Build a Connection With Your Patients

Working six eight-hour shifts each week instead of five, you’ll have more time to spend with each patient. The schedule gives you time to build a therapeutic connection that enhances the level of care you can provide. Those who are spending extended periods in the hospital will appreciate an ongoing relationship with a reliable caregiver.

4. Improve the Care Provided at Your Institution

A shortage of qualified nurses challenges hospitals all over the nation. Filling in the staffing gaps at your job by working an extra shift each week provides support and relief to the nursing team, allowing them to give each patient their best. Along with this, you will strengthen your bond with the team. Check out these tips to improve communication with your coworkers to strengthen that support and relief.

While a 48-hour work week can be challenging, if you’re a nurse with focus, stamina, and ambition to spare, you might find that this type of travel assignment fulfills your desire to help others while building your financial freedom and independence. Follow these tips to help you handle a long shift while also keeping these benefits in mind.

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