7 Apps To Keep You Moving As A Travel Therapist

7 Apps To Keep You Moving As A Travel Therapist
Posted by Mike T Lamia on Sep 11, 2015 2:09:43 PM

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Whether you’re traveling as a physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech language pathologist, you’re expected to be on the go 24/7. But every expert could use a sidekick from time to time. Lucky for us, our smartphones can be a go to assisstant whenever we need them. It’s all about having the right apps installed so you can get your job done as quickly and efficiently as possible and ultimately make your life easier.

Travel Therapist apps

Here Are 7 Essential Apps For The Traveling Therapist.

Travel Therapist Apps1. Location Log Free. As a traveling physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist or registered nurse, it becomes imperative to be able to keep track of your travel assignments. Location Log helps you to keep track of your travel reimbursements, fuel and mileage and various other points of interest and allows you to view them on Google Maps.

Travel Therapist Apps2. GogoBot Free. With its clean design, Gogobot allows you to get recommendations on dining, lodging and entertainment in your area. Instead of having to tirelessly search for options, Gogobot places you in groups call “Tribes” which tailor to your specific interests and needs. A must have to get the most out of your travel assignment!

Travel Therapist Apps3. Waze Free. If you need directions, then look no further than Waze. The community based map and navigation app redefines traveling in a fun and inventive way. Waze says it has millions of drivers working to help you get to your location quickly and safely, with real time traffic updates, police activity and community edited maps.

Travel Therapist Apps4. Skype Free. Who hasn’t heard of Skype? One of the biggest challenges a traveler can face is the distance from their loved ones. The Skype app is an awesome tool for setting up a video and/or an audio chat. Skype can be used wherever and whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi so it’s a great way to talk to your family and friends face-to-face for free

Travel Therapist Apps5. Wi-Fi Finder Free. Speaking of Wi-Fi, this app can find you the best WiFi in your area guranteed. This app works on an iPhone or iPad and will help you locate the closest place to use WiFi. It tells you if the WiFi is free or paid, and who the provider is. You can download the hot spots for your location, and have youhttp://www.medscape.com/public/mobileappr WiFi map with you when you arrive at your new location.

Travel Therapist Apps6. Medscape Free. WebMD designed Medscape to act as a medical resources for millions of healthcare professionals. The app covers dozens of specialties and keeps the user up to date on medical news. It’s a must for any therapist, nurse or physician!

Travel Therapist Apps 7. Clinical Orthopedic Exam (CORE) $39.99. This app does have a big price tag, but it brings value with the dollar amount. CORE gives a travel therapist or traveling RN access to over 200 tests and references to help them with clinical orthopedic tests. Treatment techniques are demonstrated via images and videos, which is a tremendous help when you want to see them in action.

You’re Set!

The list goes on and on, but these 7 apps are sure to give you a great foothold wherever you might find yourself traveling to. But keep in mind, technology is always changing for the better. Be sure to check back here from time to time for updates. These apps can also go hand in hand with our 5 Essential Tips For Back To School Therapists.

You’ve got the apps…what’s next?

Don’t forget, these apps are useful for any specialty. If you’re thinking about taking on a school position soon, then you can check out Ardor Health’s Free “School Therapist Road Map” below.