Top 5 Travel Therapy And Nursing States This Spring

Are you considering a traveling nurse or therapy assignment this Spring? Of course you are! What better way to shake off the cold then to visit some of the country’s most desirable locations during the spring. We’ve narrowed down five of the best warm-weather destinations for travel nurses and therapists to keep in mind. This list is based on their excellent weather, access to cultural attractions, and availability of assignments in world-class healthcare facilities, these are the five destinations you should consider for your summer assignment.


This may seem like an obvious choice, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. Florida has year-round warm weather and some of the best beaches in the country. In addition, Florida also garnishes some of the top billing rates during Spring Break for Travel Therapists alike.


This may seem like another obvious choice, but California is a must see location basically anytime of the year, so why not start with Spring? If you dream of the southern California lifestyle, consider taking a travel assignment in San Diego, the city that has it all or venturing to San Francisco.


Texas has multiple cities filled with healthcare professionals and a vibrant lifestyle. Houston is the ideal travel nursing destination if you want to learn more about cutting-edge cancer care. The city’s MD Anderson Cancer Center is a research hub for this illness. You’ll also find plenty of nightlife, a thriving theater district, and easy access to some of the best beaches in the United States.


Warm temperatures that never hit sweltering, a bike-friendly environment, and tons of quaint bookstores and coffee shops make Portland a hit with travel nurses and therapists who are craving adventure. You can easily take day trips to both the mountains and the ocean. Best of all, travel assignments at facilities such as the VA Medical Center are plentiful.

New York

As the snow begins to melt, now is the time to secure a position in New York. Whether you prefer the city or the country, New York has it all! From the bustling streets of NYC to the beautiful countryside, there’s something for any travel therapist or travel nurse.

Can’t make up your mind? We get it! Feel free to browse all of Ardor Health’s open positions right now and choose the Spring Break Travel Destination that’s right for you!

1/4 of Americans Lose Hearing From Noise

Hearing loss has long been an issue associated with old age but a recent report conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that hearing loss is starting younger than previously recorded. The study was ignited by a call to action in a report from the 2016 National Academies of Sciences which urged for governmental agencies to up their efforts in collecting data on hearing loss in adults. The result was a study titled “Vital Signs: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Among Adults” which analyzed data collected from 2011 to 2012. The results were eye-opening. Continue reading “1/4 of Americans Lose Hearing From Noise”

Top 3 Hearing Loss Disorders

Many individuals believe that if someone is suffering from hearing loss that person is simply deaf. What many people fail to realize is that there are various problems that can cause hearing loss. This includes everything from the brain being unable to identify what and where the sound is coming from to a damaged hearing organ. These varying causes for hearing loss require different approaches for treatment. It is up the audiologist to identify and accurately treat these issues to aid their patient in living with their disorder.  Here we discuss the top 3 most common hearing loss disorders.

Conductive Hearing Loss

An individual experiencing conductive hearing loss has a problem with their outer or middle ear interfering with the sound passing through to the inner ear. This type of hearing disorder can be caused by:

  • Excessive earwax
  • Ear infections
  • Fluid build-up
  • Punctured eardrum
  • Otosclerosis

Conductive Hearing Loss is most common in indigenous populations and young children. There are a few technologies such as bone conduction hearing aids and bone anchored hearing devices that can be used to treat this disorder. In more complex cases a middle ear implant may be the only effective treatment.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sensorineural Hearing Loss is permanent in most cases and occurs when the auditory nerve or the cochlea cannot successfully transfer electronic information from the ear to the brain. This hearing disorder can be genetic or the result of:

  • Aging
  • Loud-noise exposure
  • Diseases
  • Accidents

Hearing aids and various implants have been successfully used to reduce the impact of sensorineural hearing loss.

Auditory Processing Disorders

Auditory Processing Disorders (ADP) is a term used to describe all disorders that have to do with the brain’s inability to hear and process sound. Simply put, the brains of the individuals with ADP are unable to decipher the information embedded in the sound itself. The most common of these is Spatial Processing Disorder. This frustrating disorder hinders an individual’s ability to locate and hear sounds coming from various directions in their immediate environment. Contrary to many other hearing disorders, ADP can be sporadic. This means that a person can hear perfectly fine one day and have the most difficult time processing sounds the next.

The individuals suffering from these various disorders are in need of help so that they can lead a seemingly normal life. That is where the services of an audiologist come in. As an audiologist, you will analyze and evaluate a patient’s hearing and outline the necessary plan of action. Ardor Health Solutions can get you started on the road to this rewarding career. Visit our job listings page to search audiology jobs across America or give us a call at (855) GO-ARDOR.

Top Traits to Develop as a Speech Pathologist

Speech pathologists learn something new with every patient, but when we look at their combined experiences, certain constants transcend them all. Whether you are preparing for a new year as a speech pathologist at a school, or work for a private practice, there is always room to step back and consider what traits you can pick up to boost your therapy style.


Speech pathology is one of the most flexible fields in the medical industry. One year you can find yourself working at a hospital, and then the next you may work within a home setting or at a research center. Remaining versatile and available to new ideas provides you the experience to work with many kinds of patients you can work with and learn from. Much like speech itself, you can expect your career to flex and mold into something unique.

Listening Skills

Some health practitioners make the mistake of over-explaining what they or the patient need to do without giving the client a chance to express himself. Knowing when to stay quiet and listen to your patient’s needs and their caretaker helps give both sides a better perspective on how to work together. You’ll be able to communicate more within a shorter time, and having yourself or the patient repeat himself less makes for smoother sessions.

Learning to Fail

With your new experiences come new challenges that you may fail to overcome. No career is safe from failure, but with a task as personal as speech pathology, it is important you understand that we are all human and make mistakes. Instead of trying to avoid tasks where these errors are likely, in many cases, it is more important to accept the possibility of failure and learn from your mistakes.


Signing up for a speech language pathologist can be a trying time for many families. For parents who take their children to sessions, some are anxious about their child’s future. For adults who need courses themselves, some may feel that going is pointless or that no one understands their troubles. On your part, having empathy can be the most important factor of improvement for some of your clients. Knowing that there is someone who can listen to them can do a lot to help improve someone’s speaking skills.

Stay Motivated

Like any medical health field, speech pathology can be a challenging and exhausting task. Remember why you started the path towards this career in the first place. Take care of yourself so that you can care for your clients and motivate peers to do the same. If you are looking for a new position as a speech language pathologist, Ardor Health provides traveling health experts listings of available job placements.

Home Health Adding More Jobs Compared To Other Settings

Home Health Job Growth On The Up & Up

Anyone who enjoys working in a Home Health setting is in for a pleasant surprise. New information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Home Health has added more jobs than any other healthcare setting.

In the past, Home Health has been the subject of high turnover, but that appears to have changed over the last 12 months. The Home Health setting has addded 74,900 jobs at a growth of 5.8%!


The chart above shows off the various changes over the past 12 months in different health care settings. Outpatient care grew at 4.2% while hospitals grew at 3.7%. Nursing and residential care grew as well, but only by 1.2%.Home_Health.jpg

In the first quarter of 2016 alone, Home Health added 30,000 jobs! Specifically, home health care added about 10,000 jobs in each month of 2016’s first quarter, higher than the 12-month average of 7,000 jobs.

According to, these numbers point to widespread predictions that home health will be among the fastest-growing employment sectors as the population ages.

In March alone, Home Health reached upwards to 9% of health care employment. Nursing and other residential care facilities accounted for 21 % of healthcare employment. However, that number could change in the near future, since a large amount of Baby Boomers are projected to retire.

Screen Shot 2016 04 11 at 1 05 17 PM

To sum up, the health sector added 118,000 jobs in Q1 2016, nearly identical to the 119,000 jobs added in Q4 2015. However, reports predict that job growth pace in the health sector will slow from its recent, brisk pace.

You can read the entire report in full by clicking here.