Find Your Next School Job Job from 2019-2020 with Ardor Health

Before you know it, summer will be over and fall will be here! Are you ready for your next school assignment? Ardor Health’s School Division has been placing therapy travelers in a variety of different school assignments all over the country for almost two decades. We’re here to help find you the best possible school position for your set of skills, that way you can do what you best; help the students at all of these school districts.

Choosing the Perfect School Assignment

Traveling for a school contract can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your career. The ability to use your skills, whether they be in speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy or special education, is such a rewarding feeling when coupled with helping a student. That’s why Ardor Health promises to always take care of the little things about travel assignments. That means you’ll never have to worry about negotiating the contract, finding housing, or searching for the right position. That’s why we’re here.

Right now, we have the below open school positions all over the country:

  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Speech Language Pathology Assistants
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Physical Therapists
  • Physical Therapy Assistants
  • School Nurses
  • School Psychologists
  • Special Education Teachers
  • CFYs
  • Teletherapists
  • School Audiologists

A Location You Love and Benefits You Can Count On

Over the years, Ardor Health has secured partnerships with some of the biggest school systems across the country, that way you can have as many options as possible. Whether you want to work in a small remote area of the country, or travel to a robust city, we have you covered!

In addition to location, Ardor Health offers a variety of ultra-competitive pay packages and benefits to all of our travelers. You’re traveling and working hard to care for a school system’s children, so you should be treated to generous benefits and pay.

We offer:

  • Competitive Pay Packages
  • Weekly Pay
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Supplemental Insurance Options
  • Superior Medical Coverage
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Matching 401(k) Retirement and Savings Plan
  • Liability Insurance
  • Paid Travel
  • Private Housing
  • Licensing Assistance

If you have additional questions, don’t forget to head over to Ardor Health’s School FAQ! 

Before you know it, the 2019-2020 school year will be upon us! Take the opportunity now to search our job database and find the job you’ve been looking for! Or simply click that chat box at the bottom right of your screen and learn more!

5 Ways To Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month: 2019

Occupational Therapy Month is here! In April, we take the time to appreciate all the value Occupational Therapists add to our lives through their holistic and therapeutic approach. This is a great opportunity to celebrate all of the OTs out there and take the time to show them how much we appreciate their positive effect on our lives! We’ve compiled a list of 5 different ways to show your appreciation and celebrate this wonderful profession!

1. Share a Personal OT Story

Do you have a personal story where an Occupational Therapist has made an impact on your life? What about a family member? Share that story! April is a great month to take to social media or your local circle and spread the word about how an Occupational Therapist helped you recover from an injury you may have sustained in your life. Share those success stories and at the same time educate those who maybe aren’t familiar with the amazing benefits of Occupational Therapy.

2. Take Some Time to Celebrate

This one’s for all of the Occupational Therapists out there…treat yourselves! Throw a party at work, take an extended lunch break or take that glorious half-work day! (As long as their’s no clients that need to be seen obviously) You deserve it! And Occupational Therapy Month is the perfect time to celebrate.

3. Share the Love

What better way to share the love for your fellow Occupational Therapists than on social media! Start a post and share it with friends and family about the impacts OT Life has had on you. Are you a traveling Occupational Therapist? Share that too! People love seeing their colleagues out and about exploring their world and excelling in their career as well. Whether you’re climbing a nearby mountain or surfing a close to home beach, the Travel OT Life is not one that should be kept secret.

4. Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Occupational Therapy is set to grow by 24% all the way through 2024. This means it’s more important than ever to educate those around you, especially the younger generation, about the importance of Occupational Therapy in our lives.

5. Continue Your Own Personal Growth

Continuing education is a great way to grow on a personal level. Occupational Therapy, like many healthcare industries, never stops growing and changing. One of the great things is you can always be growing on a personal and professional level because of this. Try to find a course or class that interests you the most and take it! Those new skills will translate directly to your workplace and your patients.

So there you have it! These are just a few ways to celebrate OT Month this April. Remember to use the hashtag #OTMonth to stand out! A big thank you from all of us Ardor Health to all of our OTs! So how have OTs affected your life?

And don’t forget, Traveling OT Jobs are some of the best ways to live the #OTLife to the fullest. View open opportunities here! 

Top 5 Travel Therapy And Nursing States This Spring

Are you considering a traveling nurse or therapy assignment this Spring? Of course you are! What better way to shake off the cold then to visit some of the country’s most desirable locations during the spring. We’ve narrowed down five of the best warm-weather destinations for travel nurses and therapists to keep in mind. This list is based on their excellent weather, access to cultural attractions, and availability of assignments in world-class healthcare facilities, these are the five destinations you should consider for your summer assignment.


This may seem like an obvious choice, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. Florida has year-round warm weather and some of the best beaches in the country. In addition, Florida also garnishes some of the top billing rates during Spring Break for Travel Therapists alike.


This may seem like another obvious choice, but California is a must see location basically anytime of the year, so why not start with Spring? If you dream of the southern California lifestyle, consider taking a travel assignment in San Diego, the city that has it all or venturing to San Francisco.


Texas has multiple cities filled with healthcare professionals and a vibrant lifestyle. Houston is the ideal travel nursing destination if you want to learn more about cutting-edge cancer care. The city’s MD Anderson Cancer Center is a research hub for this illness. You’ll also find plenty of nightlife, a thriving theater district, and easy access to some of the best beaches in the United States.


Warm temperatures that never hit sweltering, a bike-friendly environment, and tons of quaint bookstores and coffee shops make Portland a hit with travel nurses and therapists who are craving adventure. You can easily take day trips to both the mountains and the ocean. Best of all, travel assignments at facilities such as the VA Medical Center are plentiful.

New York

As the snow begins to melt, now is the time to secure a position in New York. Whether you prefer the city or the country, New York has it all! From the bustling streets of NYC to the beautiful countryside, there’s something for any travel therapist or travel nurse.

Can’t make up your mind? We get it! Feel free to browse all of Ardor Health’s open positions right now and choose the Spring Break Travel Destination that’s right for you!

Why Nurses Choose to Work in Schools

School nurses are more than just the people who put a bandage on a cut and fix a runny nose. Not only do they take care of school children’s various aches and pains, but they also educate students and teachers on the importance of health and how to take care of their bodies.

Though it may seem challenging at times, being a school nurse is rewarding and offers a variety of benefits. Here are some of the reasons travel nurses choose to work in schools.

Easy Schedule

Working at a school means that your schedule follows the typical hours of a school day. Unlike working at a hospital where you may work nights and weekends, school nurses are only required to be at work when children are in the building. You also have most holidays and breaks off, meaning that for three months each year you have a nice summer vacation.  

Long-Term Contracts

Working as a school nurse also gives you a long-term contract. While the typical travel nursing contract is only about 12 weeks long, working at a school means that you are placed for the duration of the school year. Travel school nurses can expect a 43-week contract, allowing you to increase your experience and work with the students you love.

Variety of Job Roles

Working at a school doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be the school nurse. If you want to work in a school, positions can range from working onsite treating children to one-on-one care with medically frail children who need assistance getting to and from school.

More Autonomy

As a school nurse, you are considered the school’s expert in all things medical. Working in a school setting means that you don’t have to follow the orders of other doctors or higher-ups. You can make your own decisions and advise students and teachers about their health.

Helping Children

School nurses have the unique opportunity to work with children and educate them about their health. Your job promotes healthy and successful students. You can also work closely with individual students that may need more attention to help them develop and thrive.

Working as a nurse in a school setting has an array of benefits that make for a great experience. If you’ve realized these benefits and want to get started as a school nurse, contact Ardor Health Solutions today. We are a healthcare staffing company that can help place you at the school of your dreams. Contact a recruiter today at 855-GO-ARDOR to learn more.

Tips For Starting a New Year as a School Therapist

Starting a new school year is both exciting and frightening. As a travel therapist, you’re likely used to starting off again in new places, but that doesn’t lessen the stress of beginning a new job and meeting new people.

Ardor Health Solutions has put together some tips for starting a new year as a school therapist. Whether you’re a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech-language pathologist, these are the things you need to know on your first day of school.

Continue Personal Development

Even though you’re likely traveling to and from different school districts, it’s essential to continue your personal and professional development. Be sure that you’re taking advantage of all the programs your school district has to offer.

Therapists should be informed about Personal Development Days that are scheduled throughout the year. Typically, a school district includes three to five of them each year to keep their staff moving forward with their improvement. Attending the Personal Development Days will also keep you in compliance of CEU’s and maintain your certifications.

Review School Orientation Process

With so much travel it can be easy to mix up or confuse different school district’s protocols. Prior to the first day of school, review your new school’s rules and regulations and the Individualized Education Plans for unique students.

Stay well-informed regarding your school policy to ensure that you can submit timely reports and follow all necessary steps while working with your new students.

Make Friends with a Colleague

In honesty, you won’t know the true ins and outs of the school until you’re there for some time. Find a coworker that has the same or a similar job position as you and start a friendship. They can help show you the ropes and make the transition into your new travel therapy role seamless.

Friending colleagues will not only help you learn to navigate your school, but you will also have familiar faces to see around the halls.

Keep in Touch with Your Recruiter

All travel therapists have a recruiter that helps them find their travel assignments. These recruiters act as a liaison between your job at the school and your travel agency. If a problem arises, therapists should communicate immediately with their recruiter.

The recruiter and Team Manager along with the Clinical Director can work with the school district to resolve any conflicts, concerns, or situations that need clarification while on assignment with Ardor. Stay open and honest throughout the process to ensure your job success and happiness.

The transition back to school as a travel therapist can be tough, but rewarding. When you’re preparing for your first day of school, remember these helpful tips from Ardor Health Solutions. We care about all of our travel clinicians and work to create a positive experience for them. If you are looking to start your travel therapy career, or want help finding your next assignment, talk to Ardor Health Solutions. Speak with a recruiter today.

What to Consider When Seeking a New Grad Mentoring Program

Finding the right mentoring program as a newly graduated physical therapist can be challenging. For those on the search, asking the right questions is paramount when deciding which programs may be a good fit. While many physical therapy clinics offer mentoring programs, it is important to pay close attention to the length and depth of each program. Often, new graduates may require up to a year of close mentorship to fully develop the skills and knowledge necessary to practice in a clinical setting. Here are some things to consider when seeking a knowledgeable mentor and mentoring program. Continue reading “What to Consider When Seeking a New Grad Mentoring Program”

School Psychology Week Kicks Off With Powerful Slogan

School Psychology Awareness Week is underway! SPAW will take place between November 13–17, 2017. The theme this year is Power Up! Be a Positive Charge. According to the National Association of School Psychologists, “the goal is to highlight how taking a small positive action creates connections that lead to positive change, builds greater successes and develops the academic and social–emotional skills students need to promote personal achievement, growth, and resilience, as well as a sense of belonging and well-being.”

At Ardor Health, we realize the importance of School Psychologists in our schools. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that the need for school psychologists will grow 14% over the next 10 years! Our team is always on hand to make sure to do our best to fill the needs of every school in the country and find the job School Psychologists desire the most.

For more information on School Psychology Awareness Week please visit:

4 Surprising Facts a School Nurse Wants Parents to Know

A school nurse carries responsibilities that go above and beyond the call of duty of a typical nurse. School nurses often fulfill several roles for students like mentor, counselor, and parent. As a nurse working on campus, you build connections with students that no other school employee has the opportunity to build. Over years of establishing unique relationships with students, school nurses have gathered a few facts they would like to share with parents.


Many students come into the nurse’s office because of anxiety and stress-related issues. Students of all ages deal with peer pressure while juggling various responsibilities. Many students are inundated with homework, chores, and after-school clubs or sports. In this day, it is not uncommon for students to develop anxiety disorders.

According to a 2012 National Association of School Nurses report, the top five health conditions of U.S. students are mental-health issues. Some indications of anxiety include excessive worry, trouble sleeping, difficulties concentrating, and drops in grades. Your child may also display physical symptoms of an upset stomach, chest pain or heart palpitations, and headaches. These symptoms may suddenly disappear on the weekend when your child is no longer in school.

Food and Hydration

Approximately half of a student’s daily caloric intake occurs during school hours; yet children are often too distracted by peers and school work to be mindful of their eating habits. Throughout the day, students must have access to a nutritious meal, healthy snacks, and water. Parents can help their children get the hydration they need at school by providing them with a water bottle each day. It also helps to have a plan for meals; whether kids take lunch from home or eat at school, it’s important they receive a balanced meal.

Family Matters

What happens at home usually goes to school with your children. Family matters are concerning to children, and it is best that they are addressed before the next school day. Children typically hide their emotions and do not like to show they are affected by things that do not directly concern them; however, young children are especially susceptible to internalizing problems and may blame themselves. Communicating with your child will help them cope and deal with the hard times at home.  

Missing School

When times are rough, do not let your child skip school. Allowing your child to avoid issues does not help them overcome them; instead, help him confront his issues by being present in his life. It can be easy to allow a busy schedule to impede building a connection to your child. Be sure to take the time to talk with him about what’s important. A child that takes the time to work through his problems will be better able to problem-solve and cope as an adult, a vital skill that will lead him toward success.

School nurses are a vital connection between a child’s school and home life. If becoming a school nurse and working with children is the next step you want to take in your nursing career, Ardor Health Services will help you find the right school nurse location for you.

5 Tips for Getting Into a Competitive Sonography Program

Sonography is a vast and rewarding healthcare career choice. After you’ve become an ultrasound technician, a major step is getting into a sonography program. Programs can be very competitive with hundreds of applicants for only a few dozen slots to fill. Although some sonography programs can seem impossible to get into, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of being accepted.

1. Polish Your Interview Skills

The interview is always a focus during the application process. Since being accepted into a sonography program might mean a job after graduation, the interview should be treated like a job interview. To prepare for your interview, you can:

  • Research common interview questions
  • Conduct in-depth research on the program
  • Prepare your answers in advance
  • Run through a few practice interviews with your family

Once your interview skills are polished, you’ll be ready for any questions that are thrown at you!

2. Look for Volunteer Positions

Volunteering not only helps an organization or a group of people, but it also adds more to your resume. Your volunteer positions display causes that you may be passionate about and also show your willingness to help. Many applications also require a certain amount of volunteer hours. Take advantage of any volunteer opportunities that interest you and gain as much experience as you can. The skills you might learn volunteering could prove to be invaluable for your healthcare career.

3. Aim for the Maximum

Sonography programs usually make the minimum requirements known to applicants. Knowing the requirements lets you gauge the average level of skill the program looks for. You can use this information to go above and beyond the standard skill level. If the minimum requirement is a 75% in Physics, you can take practice exams, night classes, or advanced study sessions with instructors to increase your knowledge of physics. By going above the minimum requirements, your application is already set apart from a majority of other candidates.

4. Pay Attention to Extra Notes

The program requirements may also include extra notes that expand on the characteristics candidates should have if they’d like to be accepted. A few additional notes to look for are:

  • Any certifications that are relevant to the medical field
  • Courses in medical terminology
  • A CPR course

These extra notes vary with each program. Make sure you read through the requirements of the sonography program thoroughly to ensure no detail is missed.

5. Rinse and Repeat

The goal is to get accepted on your first try, but that isn’t always the case. Being denied isn’t the end, and the experience can be used to increase your skills. If you feel like you didn’t volunteer enough, apply for more volunteer opportunities. Maybe you weren’t as well-versed in ultrasound technology as you thought and you might choose to enroll in an online ultrasound program. Getting accepted into a competitive sonography program can entail a lot of trial and error. Don’t get discouraged; try to expand your skill set ahead of your next application.

Once you’ve been accepted into your ideal sonography program, Ardor Health Solutions will be waiting for you! Our job listings page includes healthcare positions in various fields including sonography. Contact us online or take a look at available healthcare positions to start your career today.

Going To The 2017 TSHA Convention? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Ardor Health is excited to be attending the 2017 TSHA Convention in Austin, TX! Will you be at the convention between February 23rd-25th? If so, then feel free to stop by and enter to win a free Apple Watch! We’ve also gathered a few tidbits of information for you so you can be primed and ready to get the most out of the conference!

  • The 2017 TSHA Convention will be held at the Austin Convention Center in Texas on Feb  23rd –25th.
  • TSHA is expecting more than 4,500 attendees! There will be a mix of Audiologists, SLP, CFY and speech language and hearing scientists and students.
  • The TSHA Convention offers education sessions, graduate school fair & career fair, Exhibit Hall, Student Luncheon, and Leadership Seminars
  • The Convention registration includes attendance to the strongest educational programs offering CEU-qualified education sessions. TSHA continuing education hours can be used towards the renewal of Texas SLP license and professional development activities for the maintenance of the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC)
  • Ardor Health’s booth is #636, near the exhibitor’s lounge – Please feel free to stop by and grab some free goodies and enter to win an Apple Watch! Robbi, Ernsarlinde, and Ashley will be there to greet you!

We can’t wait to see everyone there! Travel safe!

Common Questions in a Medical Job Interview

The process of getting a job in the medical field can be long, tedious, and stressful. When an employer agrees to schedule an interview with you, how can you prepare? While medical job interviews are not that much different from interviewing in other professions, they do have their own unique questions not found anywhere else. These inquiries analyze how your knowledge and personal qualities can contribute to the position. If you are a nurse, therapist, or other traveling health practitioner, these are some of the questions you should expect for your medical job interview. Continue reading “Common Questions in a Medical Job Interview”

Finding Your Healthcare Job After Graduation

After many long hours of sleepless nights, studying at a book, and taking notes in class, you finally did it. The days of college life are over and now it’s time to get started on your career. Fresh out of school, many students like you find themselves less prepared than they thought they would be to find a job. The stress of getting good grades makes it easy forget about what should happen next when the hustle is over. Many health graduates simply need to look over what paths they can take and decide which is the best fit for their skills. Luckily, since the medical field is growing fast, more health care career options are available than ever. Take a look at some of them below:

Medical Lab Technician

If you’re looking to keep your work behind a desk, medical lab technicians perform most of their duties away from the busy hospital environment. These employees often analyze and test samples of blood, tissue, urine, and more. They often work closely with physicians to discuss what the results of these tests mean, and sometimes take the samples from the patients themselves. Not all states require a license to work as a medical lab technician.

Registered Nurse

Some may view registered nurses as the hospital’s life-force. They work close with patients and their families, providing personalized attention and emotional support that physicians cannot supply. As a registered nurse, you can choose work environment options outside of the hospital, including schools and primary nursing care facilities. Some nurses choose more specialized roles, such as critical nurses who spend most of their time in the intensive care unit (ICU) or licensed practical nurses who mainly work in clinics and private residences.

Medical Assistant

If you are looking for a healthcare career that leans toward the administrative side, a medical assistant (or, eventually, medical secretary) is tasked with making sure the wheels keep turning in the clinic. They are often in charge of keeping appointments scheduled and running on time, answering phones and welcoming guests, working to make sure insurance information is up to date, and they accomplish minor medical tasks like measuring blood pressure. Employers prefer it when those who apply for a medical assistant job can provide a program certificate.

Health Information Technician

The health information technician (HIT) is in charge of ensuring the quality and accuracy of every document that flows throughout the hospital. They usually don’t work closely with patients, but are in constant communication with registered nurses and other professionals to make sure that all information is available, precise, and secure. Most employers want to see professional certification when you apply for a position.

You are most likely more than aware that healthcare work goes beyond the typical check-ups and life-changing surgeries we often see on tv shows. Just because you graduated doesn’t mean your time to learn has come to an end. In fact, you are getting closer to putting your knowledge to the test, learning and applying your skills, and learning what role you can play in the healthcare field. If you’re looking for a career that will not only play to your strengths, but will allow you to explore the country, take a look at our constantly updating, traveling healthcare positions.

The Benefits of Working as a School Nurse

It is no secret that you need to come to your school nursing job prepared. You will face a set of challenges that won’t be found in a typical hospital or home clinical setting. That said, being a nurse still comes with its own perks as well! While these may not be the primary reasons why a nurse would choose to work at a school, they work as great pick-me-ups and motivators for the difficult days in the office. Continue reading “The Benefits of Working as a School Nurse”

Tips for Working as a School Nurse

Whether you are a nurse fresh out of grad school or already have experience from working in a hospital, a school brings a unique set of challenges. Because every school is different, there are few rules set in stone. However, those who worked as school nurses in the past (or are still working in the classroom environment today) have picked up some general tips that anyone can use.

Always Plan Ahead

While working in a school clinic may not be as demanding as the ER, you’ll still have your hands full. You might be the only medical expert in the building. You will need to manage your time as efficiently as possible so that every child gets the attention he needs. This means planning for your days in advance. Know when you will have your brief lunch break (many kids get themselves hurt or sick during mid-day recess), look out for any planned field trips where children are more active than usual and return with bruises, and keep a backup plan in mind for emergencies.

Get to Know Parents

Not all parents will want to chat with you, but you never know unless you reach out and ask. When you suspect that a child may need treatment outside of school, or you’re not sure if a child is looking for an excuse to stay out of class, contacting their parents to get an idea of their habits and behaviors can help save you some frustration. How receptive parents are tends to depend on what type of school you work at. A mother of an elementary school student usually wants to know everything about how her child is doing, but one for a high school student may feel confident enough in her son that she won’t ask much.

Maintain Your Independence, But Make Sure to Reach Out

As mentioned before, you will most likely be the only medical expert nearby. There will be many times where you have to make a decision about how to best help a student without getting a second opinion. Embracing your autonomy means making firm recommendations. Recognize when there are kids who come in, not because they need treatment, but because it’s the only way someone pays attention to them. You can prepare for your time as a student nurse by getting in touch with other people who work within the county and see what local advice they can provide. School nursing is challenging, but many in the field find it rewarding to work with kids, providing the nurses a fresh perspective on life.

If you’re looking for a school nursing job, check out our list of available positions!

Getting Ready For ASHA 2016

It’s hard to believe, but one of the biggest ASHA conventions is right around the corner! As one of ASHA’s Visionary Sponsors, Ardor Health Solutions will join 15,000 attendees at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on November 17th. Thousands of attendees will include speech-language pathologists, audiologists, CFYs and other healthcare professionals from a variety of different backgrounds.

Where to Find Us

Ardor Health’s Team will be set up at Booth #1501. The three day event will give every attendee the chance to meet thousands of professionals from all over the country and learn invaluable skills to help them in the workplace!

ASHA’s 2016 theme is “Everyday leadership. Leadership every day.” Read more about the theme and how it will be explored in the message from the Convention Co-Chairs.

Ardor Health has taken this year’s theme to heart with the launch of its new Mentorship Program. We’ve recruited dozens of SLPs, OTs, and PTS in the industry to help mentor new graduates and CFYs. We’ve found that our mentors have helped new travelers to propel themselves into a rewarding and valuable career!

Keep an eye out in your goody bags for Ardor Health’s postcard detailing everything you need to know. Whether you’re a new grad or experienced traveler, we’ve got you covered!

So let’s meet up! Again, we’ll be hanging out at Booth #1501 and giving away free stuff like a brand new Apple Watch! Join our VP of Sales, Robbi Kelly, Kim Davis and Karen Marino, two of Ardor Health’s best recruiters, and Mike Lamia, Ardor Health’s Director of Marketing and Communications. We’ll see you there!

Quick Start Guide To New Grad Mentorship

Congratulations! You’ve graduated! Now it’s time to grab that first big job out of college. We know that it can be a pretty scary experience when it comes to getting that first travel job, but that’s why we’re here to help! Traveling the country is a quick, easy, and efficient way to develop your skills as a new grad. Ardor Health has developed a Mentorship Program to aid you on your journey, making sure a seasoned therapist is always there to give you advice and help whenever you need it! Check it out below!



A big asset to our unique travel therapy program for new graduates is the mentorship provided by Ardor’s Mentors. These therapists are highly qualified to provide support to new grads like yourself as they have walked in your footsteps. Each of our Ardor Health Mentors is eager to provide comprehensive support including travel support, so you never feel alone on the go.

Free CEU’s

The healthcare field never stops evolving and neither should your education. Ardor Health offers over 1,000 courses for you to continue your therapy education throughout your career with us. New courses are added each day and are available to you 24/7. Absolutely free.

Tuition Reimbursement

Free private housing not enough to get you moving? How about tax-free tuition reimbursement? At Ardor Health we are invested in your continued education, and can help offset your education costs. By completing a few requirements through your assignments, you can receive a check for $2,500 just for your tuition costs! Ask your recruiter for the nitty-gritty.

Ardor Health Named As Best Workplace For Women

Ardor Health Solutions has been named one of the best places for women to work in the country for the second year in a row! Out of the hundreds of companies evaluated, Ardor ranked #61, climbing 18 spots from last year’s ranking! The ratings are based on employee’s assessments of communications with management, options for development and training, and support for work/life balance, among other factors. The ranking also takes into account how well-represented women are within the workforce overall and in management and executive positions.

“Here at Ardor Health Solutions, we take pride in helping women to achieve both a professional and fulfilling career,” said Patty Lamia, President and Co-Founder of Ardor Health Solutions, “Ardor Health’s success can always be traced back to the time, contribution, and dedication that our employees bring everyday!”

So How Did Ardor Health Rank?

At Ardor Health, 81% of employees are women, who also make up 55% of executive positions. Most employees say they love the atmosphere of the office, thanks to thoughtful programs like Ardor All-Stars that recognizes
and rewards exemplary employees each month. Employees also enjoy flexible scheduling opportunities and free snacks and breakfasts in the office. In addition, Ardor Health rewards their employees with trips to places like Epcot and on cruises when they meet quarterly goals.

How Are Companies Chosen?

The 100 Best Workplaces for Women rankings are based upon feedback from more than 137,762 women at Great Place to Work–Certified companies. Women completed our anonymous Trust Index© survey, answering questions about how frequently they experience the behaviors that create a great workplace, including, for example, their assessment of how fairly they’re treated regardless of gender, the quality and authenticity of communications with managers, and equitable pay and promotion practices. Women’s anonymous responses resulted in a total score for each company, which was compared to the benchmark for organizations of that size, and ranked accordingly.

Results from the survey are highly reliable, having a 95% confidence level and a margin of error of 6% or less. Winning a spot on this list indicates the company has distinguished itself from peers by being a great place to work for women, and has a workplace where women have high representation in the total employee population and in management positions. The 100 companies with the highest employee ratings and female representation were selected for the list.

You can read the entire review at Great Places To Work.

The Ardor Health Solutions Family is always looking to growing!
If you’re interested in joining the Ardor Team, simply check out our current job postings.


10 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose A Career In Schools

The amazing folks over at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association ( have put together a fantastic list on why now is the time to choose a career in schools. Whether you’re a Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, School Nurse, School Psychologist or Special Education Teacher, there are limitless opportunities for you in a school setting. See the list below!

10. Wide Variety of Opportunities

  • Work with students with diverse backgrounds in preschool, elementary and middle/high school settings
  • Choose where you want to live, whether it be in an urban, rural or suburban area
  • Gain the opportunity to help students with differing disorders in a variety of different ways. (Individual basis, small groups or in classrooms

9. High Demand for SLPs in Schools

  • Become a part of one of the fastest growing settings

8. Job Security and Excellent Benefits

  • Take advantage of competitive health, leave and retirement programs
  • Enjoy comprehensive benefits packages

7. Favorable Schedules

  • Enjoy family friendly work schedules
  • Receive paid holidays, breaks and summer vacations
  • Explore opportunities for part-time work and job sharing

6. Competitive Salaries

  • Reap rewards for advanced credits, degrees or the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC)
  • Benefit from salary supplement, sign-on bonus, tuition reimbursement, loan forgiveness and relocation expenses
  • Gain extra income for summer or after-school programs

5. Work As A Professional Team Member

  • Collaborate with other like-minded professionals, including: Speech Language Pathologists, teachers, school nurses, occupational therapists & physical therapists, school psychologists and special education teachers

4. Ongoing Professional Development

  • Advance your professional knowledge with Free CEUs
  • Learn about school-related topics
  • Share your expertise with others

3. Variety of Career Options

  • Develop your specialization in learn new skills
  • Participate in research opportunities

2. Opportunity for Creativity

  • Develop new approaches, techniques and materials
  • Create unique programs to meet student needs
  • Experience new models of service delivery and other new school initiatives

1. A Life-Long Career

  • Unlock a student’s potential!
  • Contribute to a student’s personal, academic social and vocational growth
  • Develop long-term relationships with students, families and colleagues

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Preparing For The New School Year As A Traveling Therapist

School may be out for the summer, but it’s never too early to start planning your next school travel assignment for the 2016-2017 School Year! When you travel with Ardor Health, life is made a lot easier, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of important tips to get you ready for your next travel assignment!


Ardor Health has a Licensure Department to ensure that our candidates are completing the right applications and following the correct process. Our Department provides guidance to the therapists for all license applications, credentials, teaching certifications, and trainings required for State Boards and Department of Education Certifications. Let us worry about

Important Tips

  • Once you decide where you’re going to travel, it’s important to contact the appropriate state board that governs your practice.
  • Familiarize yourself with all the state mandates for licensure – this includes tests of laws and rules, fingerprinting, continuing education requirements and education verification.
  • Make sure you understand how long the licensure process is. The state board website may not be accurate, so you may need to give them a call!
  • Licensure may take 4-10 weeks to process. Some states will also require additional teaching certifications. Some states may not let you apply for the license and teaching certification simultaneously. You will have to be approved for the license in order to apply for the teacher certification.
  • Following up on your licensure is key! Follow up constantly until you’re granted the license!
  • Some schools may allow you to start your assignment with the teaching certification process pending, as long you have the license and cleared fingerprints.

There’s plenty to do before starting your next assignment!

No matter the specialty, there are plenty of states that would be amazing travel locations. So where would you like to travel next? These 17 states are the top places to travel for the 2016-2017 school year!





Of course, Ardor Health Solutions has positions in all 50 states, these are just a few states that we think you may want to consider traveling to this year. Still interested in traveling to another state? No problem! We’ve got a job for you!

The School Traveler Road Map:

Are you thinking about starting a new contract in a school position?

Give yourself a head start by preparing for the new school year!