6 Nursing Careers that Go Beyond the Hospital

Often, the word “nursing” seems automatically linked with the word “hospital.” For a large majority of nurses, this may be true; however, nursing isn’t always confined to hospital and clinic walls. In fact, there are many career options for registered nurses that don’t involve hospital care at all. For those looking for an alternative nursing career path, here are six options to consider. Continue reading “6 Nursing Careers that Go Beyond the Hospital”

What to Consider When Seeking a New Grad Mentoring Program

Finding the right mentoring program as a newly graduated physical therapist can be challenging. For those on the search, asking the right questions is paramount when deciding which programs may be a good fit. While many physical therapy clinics offer mentoring programs, it is important to pay close attention to the length and depth of each program. Often, new graduates may require up to a year of close mentorship to fully develop the skills and knowledge necessary to practice in a clinical setting. Here are some things to consider when seeking a knowledgeable mentor and mentoring program. Continue reading “What to Consider When Seeking a New Grad Mentoring Program”