Exploring the Broad Realm of Social Work

People who enjoy helping others find stability and work through obstacles may enjoy a career in social work. While al social work helps humanity at large, there are different types of social work one can get involved in that can affect individuals directly or indirectly. Understanding the distinction between these types of social work can help someone who is interested in pursuing a career in this field choose just the right position. Continue reading “Exploring the Broad Realm of Social Work”

The Top 4 Benefits of a Career as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Jobs in the healthcare field are becoming more plentiful as an aging population increases the need for quality care. A certified nursing assistant (CNA) provides nursing care for people unable to take care of themselves. Whether a patient is recovering from a temporary disability or illness, or needs permanent care, a CNA is a critical component to a patient’s day-to-day life. While the job is demanding, it can contain many perks and rewards. Continue reading “The Top 4 Benefits of a Career as a Certified Nursing Assistant”