Pros and Cons of Job Search Sites vs. Staffing Companies


For traveling therapists, determining which opportunity is right for your skillset can be frustrating. Job search sites and staffing companies help mitigate the pains associated with the process, but they are not interchangeable terms. Job search sites and staffing companies come with some unique pros and cons.

Job Search Site Cons

Distance: When you are applying to a job position through a search site, you often end up being one resume among hundreds. Not being able to physically show up means that you can’t demonstrate what makes you valuable as an employee. The lack of an opportunity to distinguish yourself makes finding a position more difficult.

Variety: The useful variety of positions available on job search sites can be a huge disadvantage. Some people can get overwhelmed and lost in a sea of options, unsure of what to do or where to apply. This can lead to blindly sending out resumes to positions that are rarely relevant, or getting discouraged and not applying at all.

Job Search Site Pros

Convenience: Depending on your living situation, driving around town to inquire about available positions might not be an option. If you are looking for medical positions in another state, you have a near zero chance of turning in your resume at the front desk. Job search sites allow you to look for new openings without having to leave your home, saving you time and money.

Variety (Again): If you are looking to switch things up in your medical career, you will often find something new or interesting through a job site. Many job sites allow you to be broad with what you are looking for, giving users a variety of fields to be as descriptive as possible.

Staffing Company Cons

Fewer Interviews: While a staffing company wants to get you a job, the recruiters still need to follow the requests of organizations they partner with. For example, if a healthcare business wants to stop getting resumes from an applicant with less than 3 years experience, a recruiter won’t give a fresh medical school grad a chance.

Potentially Less Pay: One of the negative aspects about a staffing company’s pay structure is that a cheaper employee is easier to staff. For that reason, a recruiter may pitch your services to an employer at a rate that is lower than than what you expect.

Staffing Company Pros

Connections: Unlike job sites where you are an unknown to many of the positions you apply for, a staffing company often has connections with many businesses. These direct links give you a representative who can speak to your personal qualities that may be difficult to express on a standard resume. Because recruiters in staffing companies often only get paid when they land someone a job, they are also encouraged to speak to your best points.

Time: When you are serious about finding a new traveling therapy position, you need to do your research. Research about the company, what they are looking for, and how you can apply your skills. For a single company, this can take half – if not an entire – afternoon. A staffing company specializes in doing that work for you, and can often get in touch with more businesses in a shorter amount of time.

If you need help finding a new traveling therapy position, Ardor Health offers guidance both as a staffing company and job search site. Take a look at our available medical positions, or contact us at 866-425-5768 for more personalized help.