Battling COVID-19 Burnout Among Clinicians

Healthcare worker burnout is by no means a new topic. It has been widely discussed and an active topic among the healthcare community for years now. But the mounting concerns of the high stress situations of COVID-19 have brought the topic of burnout to the forefront, and addressing it is more important than ever.

What’s going to turn the tide is the ability of hospitals and healthcare organizations to be proactive in recognizing the issue and offering solutions to their healthcare workers. Many nurses and physicians feel that they’re voices are lost in the shuffle when trying to communicates the problem of burnout.

What Causes Burnout?

A variety of factors can attribute to healthcare worker burnout. One of which right now is staffing issues. Hospitals are once again overburdened by new patients infected by the Delta variant of COVID-19. Hospital beds are filling up, but the amount of staff isn’t changing, causing a much larger workload for nurses and doctors.

Luckily, hospitals and healthcare facilities do have the benefit of using staffing agencies, who can tap into a wider resource of healthcare workers across the country to bring in the much needed help. The benefit of a staffing agency to handle the sourcing, credentialing and onboarding is a huge relief for hospital administrators who can then concentrate on their current staff. The addition of travel nurses into a hospital will alleviate a lot of the burden staff nurses are currently handling.

Other factors contribute to burnout as well. These include but aren’t limited to, non-stop scheduling, stressful work environments and more. These issues were present before the pandemic but are only amplified by the spread of COVID-19.

Even before the pandemic began, healthcare workers were battling burnout. Several years ago, an estimated figure of nearly 40% of nurses reported having some level of stress, exhaustion, or emotional strain due to burnout. The pandemic has only lengthened and heightened those pain points for clinicians.

What Can Be Done?

Undiagnosed burnout can lead to both the detriment of the clinician, the patient and the organization as as whole, so it’s important to recognize it, report it, and take steps to encourage help. An overworked and burnt out healthcare worker will many times lead to a decreased level of care for patients according to experts.

So what can be done?

Firstly, employers, like hospitals or other healthcare facilities, can take steps to get ahead of the problem. A simple check-in with employees can go a long way.

How are you feeling? Is there anything stressing you out more than usual? What can we do to alleviate that stress?

Even a simple survey to gauge the temperature of an employee can mean so much! You’d be surprised the feedback you can get from a simple survey.

We have to remember, a lot of times, like any job, healthcare workers and employees want to know that their concerns are being heard and recognized.

When we know what could be causing burnout, we can react quickly to any issues. If a nurse is feeling bogged down by paperwork, it would be best to hire more support staff to handle the administrative tasks. If the actual stress of the day-to-day duties is wearing a healthcare worker down, then extended time off or some PTO could work wonders. Even more flexible schedules can benefit more healthcare workers.

The point is, having an open communication line from management to frontline workers is the first step in fighting burnout! Employers and healthcare facilities can utilize support programs, meaningful tracking, and staffing agencies like Ardor Health to help supplement their staff with fresh, ready, and determined healthcare professionals who are ready to deliver care and passions wherever they go.

Ardor Health Traveler COVID-19 Program

First and foremost, Ardor Health Solutions would like to thank you all for everything you are doing for patients, students and our schools and facilities around the country in response to COVID-19. We are so thankful and proud to have you as an Ardor employee and part of our Ardor family.  Below, you will find several key points to ensure that we are staying on top of all recent developments regarding COVID-19. The Traveler COV-19 Program is designed to support you fully and reduce as much stress as we can. 

In addition, we are closely monitoring the CDC website and World Health Organization news to ensure we are following and properly instructing our staff in relation to travel, travel restrictions, and screening requirements. 

“To ensure continuity of operations of essential functions, CDC advises that critical infrastructure workers may be permitted to continue work following potential exposure to COVID-19, provided they remain asymptomatic and additional precautions are implemented to protect them and the community.”

We care deeply about your concerns and are available to correspond with our travelers. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Ardor Health is here to support you and truly appreciates your compassion and dedication during this time. If you have questions, or concerns, please reach out to us. 


If you have been vaccinated. The CDC has an app where you can update your vaccination status! V-safe is a smartphone-based tool that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized health check-ins after you receive a COVID-19 vaccination. Through v-safe, you can quickly tell CDC if you have any side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Depending on your answers, someone from CDC may call to check on you and get more information. And v-safe will remind you to get your second COVID-19 vaccine dose if you need one.

More information:

1. Where should I go to learn more about COVID-19?

The situation surrounding COVID-19 is ever-changing. There are a host of websites and resources that can help you, such as:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Clinical Questions about COVID-19

24 Hour CDC Call Center Hotline

2. What should I do if I begin to experience COVID-19 symptoms?

You should use your best judgement and take all precautionary measures to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.  If you develop any fever that measures with a temperature > 100°F OR respiratory symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, sore throat), you should immediately self-isolate. In addition, you should reach out to Ardor Health Solutions and your current contracted facility that you are working at promptly so they can notify their local or state public health authority and coordinate consultation and referral to a healthcare provider for further evaluation, if warranted. While on assignment, you are expected to follow the facility’s protocol for COVID-19 exposures/potential exposures.

3. Who should I contact from Ardor Health?

We have setup a specific team to support you through a COVID-19 Hotline. Our response team is ready to help you 24/7. Please don’t hesitate to call # 844-782-6728 if you have any questions.

4. May I leave my current assignment early for a new assignment?

We know your passion and aid is needed all over the country due to the ongoing pandemic. However, it is important to remember that your current facility and the patients and people who depend on your are relying on you as well to provide much needed care. Leaving your contract will put your co-workers and patients at an increased position of crisis with any sudden departure. At the end of the day, we are here for you! Once your assignment is up, we’ll be able to find you the best possible position to suit you.

5. What happens if I get sick on Assignment?

Please call 844-782-6728 for immediate assistance.

6. How Should I notify Ardor Health Solutions of possible quarantine or exposure to COVID-19?

Firstly, lease contact your recruiter as soon as possible.

You may also call our hotline at 844-782-6728.


Podcasts: A Travel Therapist and Travel Nurse’s Best Friend

Whether you’re a Traveling Therapist or Traveling Nurse, you know that the travel time between assignments can be quite long, and for lack of a better word, boring! A lot of experienced travelers have come up with different ways to pass the time on the way to their next assignment, whether it be by plane or car. Some popular ways to occupy your time are: ebooks, audio books (like Audible), creating new playlists on your favorite streaming service, or even bringing a portable gaming system with you. But there are still a lot of healthcare travelers out there who have not discovered the amazing world of podcasts!

What is a podcast?

Travel Nursing Podcasts and Travel Therapy Podcasts are plentiful. Whether you want to brush up on the latest trends in Travel Nursing or discover some of the best places to work as a Physical Therapist. And of course, there are podcasts for any kind of hobby you can imagine. Podcasts are an episode-based show that cover a range of topics from movies to politics and from gardening to history. So which should you listen to?

Why listen to podcasts?

Travel Therapists and Travel Nurses have a variety of reasons to want to subscribe to a weekly rotation of nursing podcasts and therapy podcasts. In addition to offering a level of entertainment, podcasts have the ability to provide you with the latest up-to-date information about any particular topic in your healthcare field of choice. The most popular podcasts in your field will typically be some of the most well researched topics to listen to. Don’t like a topic that week? Simple. Skip it and wait for next week’s!

Where to find the podcast that’s right for you?

So where can you find them? There are several platforms where you can find podcasts. The most popular would arguably be the ‘Podcast’ app on your Apple or Android phone. After that, Spotify, Audible, and iHeartRadio are other services that offer a variety of podcasts.

Popular Nursing Podcasts

So you’re a Travel Nurse and you want to listen to some podcasts. Which should you download first? See below for some of the best travel nursing podcasts today!

1. Good Nurse Bad Nurse: Good Nurse Bad Nurse is a light-hearted and fun podcast hosted by a registered nurse and special guests who take turns telling you two nursing related stories. One is uplifting and inspirational, the other is dark and mysterious!

2. Nursing Uncensored: Nursing uncensored is a series of conversations about everything on the minds of nurses. Hosted by Adrianne Behning.

3. The Daily Nurse: Daily Nurse’s podcast is called Nursecasts: A Podcast for Nurses By Nurses, and it delivers – topics such as maternal mortality, the rise of the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and simulation labs are covered with expert hosting from people who know life in the trenches of the ER.

4. Your Next Shift: This nursing podcast offers listeners a dynamic listening experience. Host Elizabeth Scala provides both practical tactics and universal truths to the world of nursing

5. Cup of Nurses: A nursing podcast, where the hosts tackle current events and other hot nursing related topics one conversation at a time.

Popular Therapy Podcasts (PT,SLP and OT):

  1. Healthy Wealthy and Smart: The Healthy Wealthy & Smart podcast with Dr. Karen Litzy features top experts in physical therapy, wellness and entrepreneurship. We give you the information and inspiration you need to take your life and career to the next level.
  2. PT PintCast: This podcast is unique and fun! The showrunners talk all things physical therapy and enjoy a cold brew while doing it! What’s not to love?
  3. Move Forward PT: The Move Forward Radio podcast offers unique interviews with physical therapists and other health care experts providing tips on prevention and information about treatment.
  4. Therapy Insiders: UpDoc Media’s main podcast, Therapy Insiders, is hosted by Gene Shirokobrod, Erson Religioso, and Joe Palmer. This podcast comprises a wide range of topics, including job market insights, career advice, and clinical tips. Guests are typically industry entrepreneurs and thought leaders, including WebPT’s own Heidi Jannenga, PT, DPT, ATC.
  5. Conversations in Speech Pathology: Join speech-language pathologist Jeff Stepen as he interviews a variety of professionals, parents, and other assorted characters about topics related to the practice of speech pathology/therapy.
  6. The ASHA Podcast Series: Every three to four weeks, the ASHA Podcasts features a new interview with a person that is making news in the professions of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.
  7. StutterTalk: StutterTalk is the first and longest running podcast on stuttering. Since 2007 they have published more than 600 podcasts which are heard in 180 countries.
  8. Everyday Evidence: How does evidence affect everyday problems? AOTA’s Everyday Evidence Podcast series has the answers. They sort through the evidence and bring you the most important information that relates to everyday life in a short podcast format.
  9.  Occupied: Brock Cook started the Occupied Podcast to help connect OTs around the world. He interviews OTs and discusses and explore what occupational therapy looks like all over the world.
  10. Listen to Pediatrics Podcast: These recorded audio conversations among experts are FREE and open to nonmembers, with the latest tips and resources on pediatric practice in Occupational Therapy.

This is just a short list of podcasts that you may find helpful for your specialty! Keep in mind, we didn’t even cover some of the other popular general podcasts, we’ll leave that to you! Remember, there’s no limit to the amount of podcasts you can subscribe to, and they are all FREE! Happy Listening!

Travel With Your Pet On Your Next Assignment!

So you want to head out on a Travel Therapy or Travel Nursing assignment, but the last thing you want to do is leave your best (furry) friend behind. We agree, we wouldn’t want to leave them behind either! That’s why Ardor Health is a 100% pet-friendly agency! Not only are we happy to arrange housing for you and for your pet, but we also have lots of expert tips to make the traveling easy!

What You’ll Need:

• Immunization Records
• Medication
• Favorite Toys
• Pet Bed
• Food & Water
• Lots of treats
• Travel Bowls
• Pet Vehicle Restraints
• Dog Waste Bags/ Litter & Litter Box
• Crate

Pet Insurance

Need pet insurance options? We’ve got you covered there too!

Ardor Health Solutions cares about your pets. We offer a variety of employee benefit offerings including pet insurance. Our Pet Insurance options is open to all pets, regardless of age or breed. Employees can save on almost all their pet health care expenses.

Make sure to check in with your recruiting team and tell them all about your furry mate so we can make sure everything runs smoothly. We would also love to see pics of your pets! 😊

Top 10 States For High Nursing Salary

If earning top-pay is one of the most appealing features when choosing a state to travel to as a nurse, then we’ve got some news for you! The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released their list of highest grossing salaries from state to state for Registered Nurses. Some of these options are a bit more obvious, like California, but it’s important to keep in mind about Cost of Living for some of these states. Finding that sweet spot between your ideal state, a high-end salary, and a moderate cost-of-living is the trick! All that being said, let’s take a look at the list.

1. Top States

At the top of this list is California, coming in at $106,950 average for salary. California’s cost of living can vary from region to region, and so will the salary. Nonetheless, California continues to be a key state to travel to for many RNs. Other highly desirable states like New York, Washington and Hawaii make this list too. 

1. California: $106,950
2. Hawaii: $98,080
3. Massachusetts: $92,140
4. Oregon: $91,080
5. Alaska: $89,310
6. New York: $85,610
7. Nevada: $85,620
8. New Jersey: $82,750
9. Washington: $82,670
10. Connecticut: $81,220

2. Above Average States for Nursing Salary 

11. Minnesota: $78,920
12. Rhode Island: $78,420
13. Arizona: $77,000
14. Maryland: $76,820
15. Delaware: $74,800
16. Colorado: $74,240
17. Illinois: $73,890
18. Texas: $72,890
19. New Hampshire $72,760
20. New Mexico: $71,730

3. Average States for Nursing Salary

21. Wisconsin: $71,470
22. Michigan: $71,330
23. Pennsylvania: $70,390
24. Virginia: $69,790
25. Vermont: $69,160
26. Georgia: $68,950
27. Maine: $67,610
28. Montana: $67,450
29. Wyoming: $67,360
30. Idaho: $67,110

4. Below Average States for Nursing Salary

31. Ohio: $66,820
32. Florida: $66,210
33. North Dakota: $65,740
34. Utah: $65,670
35. Missouri: $65,130
36. South Carolina: $64,940
37 Indiana: $64,860
38. North Carolina: $64,850
39 Nebraska: $64,470
40. Louisiana: $63,970

5. Lowest States for Nursing Salary

41. Kentucky: $63,100
42. Oklahoma: $63,080
43. West Virginia: $61,780
44. Tennessee: $61,320
45. Kansas: 61,030
46. Arkansas: $60,780
47. Alabama: $59,470
48. Iowa: $59,130
49. Mississippi: $58,490
50. South Dakota: $58,340

So what do you think? Did all the states measure up to the salary average you expected? Or is there more to a travel assignment for you than just salary? Let us know in the comments! 

Ready to find your next great travel assignment from one of these awesome states? Search Open Jobs Now! 


Top 5 Travel Therapy And Nursing States This Spring

Are you considering a traveling nurse or therapy assignment this Spring? Of course you are! What better way to shake off the cold then to visit some of the country’s most desirable locations during the spring. We’ve narrowed down five of the best warm-weather destinations for travel nurses and therapists to keep in mind. This list is based on their excellent weather, access to cultural attractions, and availability of assignments in world-class healthcare facilities, these are the five destinations you should consider for your summer assignment.


This may seem like an obvious choice, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. Florida has year-round warm weather and some of the best beaches in the country. In addition, Florida also garnishes some of the top billing rates during Spring Break for Travel Therapists alike.


This may seem like another obvious choice, but California is a must see location basically anytime of the year, so why not start with Spring? If you dream of the southern California lifestyle, consider taking a travel assignment in San Diego, the city that has it all or venturing to San Francisco.


Texas has multiple cities filled with healthcare professionals and a vibrant lifestyle. Houston is the ideal travel nursing destination if you want to learn more about cutting-edge cancer care. The city’s MD Anderson Cancer Center is a research hub for this illness. You’ll also find plenty of nightlife, a thriving theater district, and easy access to some of the best beaches in the United States.


Warm temperatures that never hit sweltering, a bike-friendly environment, and tons of quaint bookstores and coffee shops make Portland a hit with travel nurses and therapists who are craving adventure. You can easily take day trips to both the mountains and the ocean. Best of all, travel assignments at facilities such as the VA Medical Center are plentiful.

New York

As the snow begins to melt, now is the time to secure a position in New York. Whether you prefer the city or the country, New York has it all! From the bustling streets of NYC to the beautiful countryside, there’s something for any travel therapist or travel nurse.

Can’t make up your mind? We get it! Feel free to browse all of Ardor Health’s open positions right now and choose the Spring Break Travel Destination that’s right for you!

Therapy: The Art of Helping Others

The world of therapy is amazing in itself in regards to the services we provide every day to various clientele. We help to optimize the quality of life for other human beings. Just when we thought life could not get any better, we are provided the opportunity to travel around the country to provide these services. We are also compensated well to do so! Of course like anything else worth anything in this life, it is not easy.

The Passion to Care

I will say that it is incredibly rewarding and such a great way to network. You get the opportunity to see the country, while increasing your knowledge base and clinical skills from countless healthcare professionals you come across during your travels. It is such an amazing way to challenge yourself, especially if you decide to travel on your own. I worked full-time right out of college in Connecticut for about 3 1/2 years. Life became somewhat monotonous and I decided it was time for a change. A few weeks later, I traveled to Florida, by myself with my car packed with some of my belongings. It was scary as hell, but it was also the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I continued to travel for 3 years before settling into one area with my fiancee who now keeps me grounded. I want clinicians to know that it is okay to give this a chance and challenge yourself. Give yourself a chance to grow outside of your comfort zone. Honestly, you have nothing to lose. Any experience, whether positive or negative creates opportunity for growth and learning. If you can learn something from the experience you had, then it was worth your time. You don’t know what you’re capable of or what an experience can be until you give it a chance. Take this incredible opportunity that you have to travel and do what you love. Life is happening now. Are you currently challenging yourself to rise to your full potential?

Written by: Erica Dipietro

The Career Pathway Program

This blog was written by Erica ,one of Ardor Health Solutions’ caring and experienced Occupational Therapists. Erica is a Career Pathway Mentor. She has been an OT for 8 years and has traveled for 3 years. Her passion for helping others goes hand in hand with her love of travel. She’s already traveled and worked in over 8 states! Ardor Health Solutions has developed the Career Pathway Program in Home Healthcare to help systematically guide therapists into home healthcare practice. Ardor Health’s Career Pathway Program was designed specifically for new graduates of PT, OT, and SLP programs. However, it is open to any licensed clinician interested in specializing in Medicare-certified home healthcare, and willing to travel to assignments throughout the United States. Want to learn more and connect with a mentor now?

Top 5 Places for a Summer Healthcare Assignment

Are you considering a traveling nurse or therapy assignment this summer? We’ve narrowed down five of the best warm-weather destinations for travel nurses and therapists to keep in mind. Based on their excellent weather, access to cultural attractions, and availability of assignments in world-class healthcare facilities, these are the five destinations you should consider for your summer assignment.

Baltimore, Maryland

This charming East Coast city is a great place to be if you want to work at a renowned research institution like Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore also offers diverse neighborhoods, a bustling waterfront district with gourmet restaurants and shops, and highly-rated attractions like the National Aquarium. It’s also just an hour from Washington, DC, and just over an hour from Philadelphia.

Portland, Oregon

Warm temperatures that never hit sweltering, a bike-friendly environment, and tons of quaint bookstores and coffee shops make Portland a hit with travel nurses and therapists who are craving adventure. You can easily take day trips to both the mountains and the ocean. Best of all, travel assignments at facilities such as the VA Medical Center are plentiful.

Houston, Texas

Houston is the ideal travel nursing destination if you want to learn more about cutting-edge cancer care. The city’s MD Anderson Cancer Center is a research hub for this illness. You’ll also find plenty of nightlife, a thriving theater district, and easy access to some of the best beaches in the United States.

Palo Alto, California

Featuring all the benefits of San Francisco without the exorbitant costs, Palo Alto offers a vibrant lifestyle just minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. Palo Alto is also an excellent location for anyone who loves to explore nature, with proximity to Muir Woods and Yosemite National Forest. You’ll also find excellent job opportunities at facilities like Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital.

San Diego, California

If you dream of the southern California lifestyle, consider taking a travel assignment in San Diego, the city that has it all. From stellar hiking to famous attractions like Legoland and the San Diego Zoo, you’ll never have a shortage of fun activities to try. This city is also home to many highly-rated hospitals, including the University of California-San Diego Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente.

Working in one of these five locations across the U.S. is sure to give you the most out of your summer assignment. Whether it’s east coast or west coast, it’s always wise to choose a job that you love. Ardor Health Solutions can help place you in healthcare positions across the nation with ease. Contact us to learn about our staffing opportunities.

Exploring Tampa as a Travel Nurse or Therapist

If you’re traveling to Tampa on your next travel nursing or therapist assignment, you’re in for an adventure! Regardless of how long you’re staying, you definitely won’t get bored exploring this charming city. Try taking out time from your busy schedule to check out these five favorite attractions you can’t miss in the Tampa, FL area.

Busch Gardens

This world-class amusement park spans almost 300 acres and features more than 12,000 attractions, rides, games, and live shows. From live animal exhibits to themed areas based on nations of the world, you’ll find that this park offers an ideal blend of education and entertainment for groups of all ages.

Tampa Theatre

Built in 1926, this historic structure is a gorgeous example of period architecture. You can stop by to catch a movie or a show in this iconic setting or opt for the 90-minute backstage tour where you can see the theater’s 900-pipe Wurlitzer organ. The Tampa Theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Florida Aquarium

Conveniently located in downtown Tampa, the Florida Aquarium features more than 20,000 aquatic animals and plants. Exhibits include polar bears, penguins, sharks, alligators, and otters. Kids will also enjoy the outdoor play zone that features a water slide and splash park.

Henry B. Plant Museum

This collection is located inside a historic hotel on the campus of the University of Tampa. Step into the gilded age of Florida’s history with art and artifacts that highlight this unique period. The hotel, once owned by railroad magnate Henry B. Plant, features rooms restored to their original Victorian splendor.

Ybor City

This neighborhood in Tampa gives you a chance to experience the area’s vibrant nightlife, with a mishmash of clubs, bars, and music venues. During the day, you can enjoy authentic Cuban delicacies as well as the hand-rolled cigars that once dominated neighborhood commerce.

When you’re not at work saving lives, take a bit to enjoy the livelihood that Tampa has to offer. Any of these five activities are great ways to de-stress and experience the culture surrounding you. If you’re a travel nurse or therapist looking to relocate to Tampa or wanting to start a new adventure in the U.S., contact Ardor Health Solutions today. We specialize in finding your perfect healthcare fit in a variety of places across the nation. Call us at (855) GO-ARDOR to learn more.

Understanding GSA Per Diem Rates for Healthcare Travelers

For a travel nurse, it’s important to consider what kinds of pay and the type of salary you will receive. Typically, per diems are offered as part of the stipend package for travel nurses. Although each staffing agency sets these rates, there are federal guidelines for per diems. If you qualify, this is a daily amount added to your pay intended to provide for housing, meals, and other living expenses during your travel assignment.

How Much is Per Diem Stipend?

To calculate the per diem qualification, the agency will typically have you complete a form based on a formula established by the federal General Services Administration (GSA). They have developed standard travel rates for government as well as non-government employees, including travel nurses.

The current continental U.S. (CONUS) rate is $91 per day for housing and $51 per day for other expenses, including food. An agency may change these rates depending on the living costs of the area where they send you. The GSA website has a chart for users to play with – you can enter the zip code of a city and see what the average rates are.

The GSA has also established and publicly posted daily maximums for each region.

Each year, the GSA per diem rates increase at the beginning of October. Increases depend on the daily cost of living averages.

Safety Tips for Choosing an Agency

While receiving a per diem is an integral part of your compensation for a given assignment, the daily maximum is established to prevent agencies from avoiding taxation by paying nurses a meager hourly rate and a very high per diem. Avoid agencies that use this practice; although the rates sound advantageous, this pay structure exposes you to tax and legal risk. You will have to report any per diem amount above the daily maximum as income tax. Otherwise, these stipends are tax-free.

Instead of offering a per diem, some agencies require you to save receipts and submit them for direct reimbursement of your expenses. If you exceed the daily per diem and your agency does not offer to reimburse you, you may be able to write off the difference on your income tax return. This is a typical situation when a nurse is working in a major metropolitan area where meals are more costly than average.

Before coming to any final decisions, weigh out your options and do your research. Make sure that any agency you work with will pay you enough to live in your desired destination. At Ardor Health Solutions, we make sure that all of our travel nurses are placed in the best healthcare services around the U.S. Contact us today to join our network of nurses throughout the country.

Travel Nurses: 4 Reasons to Consider a 48-Hour Work Week

If you’re considering a career as a travel nurse, you may want to look for an agency that offers 48-hour work weeks. This extended arrangement provides new and veteran nurses with financial stability thanks to the guarantee of additional hours and the boosted rate of overtime pay.

These are the four best reasons to become a travel nurse and embrace a 48-hour work week.

1. Higher Gross Pay

In addition to your hourly wage, you’ll be making at least eight hours of overtime per week, calculated at time-and-a-half. Even though your shifts will become longer, you’ll be investing in your financial future by giving yourself the opportunity to save for a home, dream vacation, or even increasing contributions to your retirement account.

2. Earn More Money in Fewer Hours

Since you’re working more hours each week, you’ll be able to take additional time off between assignments. The higher your income, the more freedom you’ll have to take a break when you need it. Travel nursing is an excellent arrangement for anyone who wants to travel, spend more time with family, or pursue a time-consuming hobby. If you’re looking to take some of that additional time to travel, read about the benefits of traveling alone.

3. Build a Connection With Your Patients

Working six eight-hour shifts each week instead of five, you’ll have more time to spend with each patient. The schedule gives you time to build a therapeutic connection that enhances the level of care you can provide. Those who are spending extended periods in the hospital will appreciate an ongoing relationship with a reliable caregiver.

4. Improve the Care Provided at Your Institution

A shortage of qualified nurses challenges hospitals all over the nation. Filling in the staffing gaps at your job by working an extra shift each week provides support and relief to the nursing team, allowing them to give each patient their best. Along with this, you will strengthen your bond with the team. Check out these tips to improve communication with your coworkers to strengthen that support and relief.

While a 48-hour work week can be challenging, if you’re a nurse with focus, stamina, and ambition to spare, you might find that this type of travel assignment fulfills your desire to help others while building your financial freedom and independence. Follow these tips to help you handle a long shift while also keeping these benefits in mind.

Ardor Health Solutions is a healthcare staffing company that specializes in finding placement for travel nurses. We rid the application process of its many obstacles by putting you in direct contact with hiring managers across the nation. To find available travel nurse positions, check out our job listing.

Hitting the Road as a Travel Nurse

As a registered nurse, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to your work situation. If you love adventure, you might want to consider transitioning from a staff nursing position to a role as a travel nurse.

It’s exciting to know that there’s a career out there for a healthcare provider that allows them to see the country while doing the job they love. While it’s tempting to jump on the next train, it’s important to do research and make sure that you find a position that will help you maximize your potential.

Carefully Choose a Staffing Agency

A reputable travel nursing agency will help you:

  •   Find a job that fits your skills
  •   Obtain the correct certifications and licenses
  •   Help you find housing in your new area
  •   Make sure you get paid as promised

Avoid companies that do not provide these benefits as part of the staffing process. Ask for references from other nurses who have worked for the company, who will be able to warn you about any hidden pitfalls. When you receive a job offer, review all the terms to make sure it fits your lifestyle needs. Discover how Ardor Health excels in healthcare staffing.

Consider Your Desired Location

Even if you’re very open-minded about where you end up as a travel nurse, have a short-list of dream locations. Having an idea of where to go streamlines the application and licensing process. Obtain a compact nursing license, valid in 25 states. If there are states on your location list that don’t take your license, find out about the licensing procedures and get started as soon as possible. In some cases, you may only have a few weeks’ notice for a new assignment, but it can take months to get a nursing license in some states. Not sure where you want to be? Consider the top 6 states to work in as a travel nurse.

Understand the Pay and Tax Structure

Travel nursing typically pays more than a similar staff position, but that the amount accounts for travel pay, meals, and housing stipends. A recruiter from the staffing agency should be able to help you break down the hourly wage so you can compare apples to apples when it comes to how much you’ll be earning.

If your agency doesn’t offer tax assistance, make sure to hire a good accountant who can help you understand how the structure of your pay and the fact that you’re working in different states will impact your tax bill.

Get Ready to Work

Travel nurses are hired to fill in for staffing shortages, so you’ll often be in the fray without formal training or orientation. Be prepared to take charge and use your skills to the best of your abilities. Travel nursing is an excellent position for anyone who can think on their feet and feels confident in their education and ability to provide quality care.

If you’re craving a shift from your day-to-day routine to something exhilarating, why not explore a travel nurse opportunity in the United States? At Ardor Health, we fill the demand for eager nurses like you all over the country. What will your next city be? Look up available opportunities on our Job Board or call 855-GO-ARDOR to get started.

3 Tips to Show Your Nurses Appreciation Year Round

Nurses are some of the most hardworking professionals in healthcare. Sacrificing weekends, holidays, and spending countless hours on their feet, these healthcare superheroes answer any and all questions patients may have, ease their anxiety, make them feel more comfortable, relieve their pain, and care for them around the clock.

Dedicating their lives to patients, nurses deserve more than just one week of appreciation. Here are 3 tips to help you show your nursing staff appreciation all year round.

Implement a Sense of Community

One of the simplest ways to show your nurses appreciation is by establishing a sense of community. Overworked nurses are often too busy to sit in hour-long meeting or conferences. Instead, gather your nurses for a quick pep rally to boost their energy on a regular basis. Thank your nurses for their hard work, encourage participation and feedback during the pep rally to spark their motivation.

Listen to Their Feedback

Make sure your nurses’ voices are being heard. Nurses usually spend the most time with patients, so it is crucial to listen to concerns and comments they may have. Address your nurses when they offer suggestions to improve quality of care. Include them in conversations during meetings by opening the floor to them and hearing their thoughts. Your nurses are integral part of the team and they should feel that way. Improve your communication with your coworkers.

Start an Employee Recognition Program

Give your nurses the public recognition they deserve. Create a “Nurse of the Month” bulletin board visible to patients and staff alike to praise a nurse who has exceeded expectations. Use company social media accounts to feature the strengths of your nurses by adding a picture and a comment giving them praise.

Investing a little time to do these things will not only make your nurses feel appreciated, but also show everyone how incredible they are. Contact us today if you are in need of one of our super nurses. If you are looking for a nursing position in the U.S., be sure to search our travel nurse openings throughout the country. Exciting opportunities await those looking to dive into a fulfilling career.

A Small Thanks From Ardor Health Solutions

At Ardor Health Solutions, we put high-quality healthcare staffing at the forefront while promoting top-tier positions for various healthcare occupations. Our goal has always been to put job seekers first. During April, we reached a milestone thanks to your Google reviews and feedback! We’re proud to say that Ardor Health is a 4.5-star business! We couldn’t have done it without passionate healthcare workers and our staff for giving our contractors the service they deserve. Last month was full of thank yous from many different people, but now it’s our turn to return the favor.

A Small Thanks From Ardor Health Solutions

Ardor Health Solutions is considered a small business. As a small business, it’s essential to generate positive Google reviews. The video only represents a small portion of our gratitude. We wouldn’t be able to be the staffing agency we are today without your support. With reviews such as these from Stephanie K. and Mary C., it’s no wonder we’ve become a 4.5-star business!

Small Thanks 1 Small Thanks 2

Why Your Feedback Matters

Your feedback not only helps raise our reputation on Google but also increases our ability to bring awareness to healthcare jobs across the nation while providing excellent service! We take each review to heart whether it be positive or negative. Without your feedback, Ardor Health Solutions wouldn’t be what it is today. With your continuous support and input, we’ll be able to increase the overall customer and staffing experience.

Once again, thank you from Ardor Health Solutions! Remember to leave a review describing your experience with us on Google, and we hope to continue to provide professional and high-quality service in the future.

6 Myths About Travel Therapy Jobs for Recent Grads

If you’re a recent physical therapy (PT) or occupational therapy (OT) graduate, you’ve likely noticed many traveling job opportunities in your search for your first professional position. Although many programs discourage their grads from accepting a travel assignment, their misgivings are often based on misconceptions. Here’s the truth behind six well-known myths about travel healthcare careers.

Lack of Mentoring

You will not be “thrown to the wolves” as many may lead you to believe. Although a travel assignment might lack a formal mentorship program, most programs provide a thorough orientation and connect with you with other professionals in the area where you’ll be working.

Difficulty Obtaining a Permanent Position

Some believe that a resume that highlights travel experience can hurt your chances of getting a permanent job later. On the other hand, having worked in this setting can make you more attractive to employers because of your ability to adapt to changing conditions. In fact, some travel agencies even hire for full-time permanent positions in addition to short-term travel assignments.

Limited Therapy Skills

While myths suggest that it’s difficult to develop skills as a travel therapist, many employers will appreciate your well-rounded experience serving different populations. You’ll likely see more different types of cases and provide more extensive care than you would working in a single setting.

No Ability to Choose Your Locations

The myth that you won’t have any input about where you’re sent with a travel position is just that, a myth. Although flexibility may help you find a position quickly, most agencies are able to place you in one of your preferred locations.


While travel assignments can mean you’ll be bouncing around, you don’t necessarily need to leave your state or region, though you certainly can do so if you want. You also don’t need to travel alone, since many agencies allow you to travel with your partner or even your pets.

Licensing in Multiple States

You may be put off by the perceived cost and time of getting your PT or OT license in multiple states as a traveling professional. In fact, most agencies will reimburse these costs. Many states require only a simple online form, with only a handful of states requiring additional certification steps such as fingerprinting.

With these myths dispelled, you can start your travel therapy job search free of worry. The healthcare staffing professionals at Ardor Health Solutions can help you find the position that fits your skill set and location preference. Contact us today at 855-GO-ARDOR to start your travel therapy job search today!

Ardor Health Named as a 2018 Best Workplace in Health Care and Biopharma!

Great Place to Work and Fortune have chosen Ardor Health Solutions as one of the 2018 Best Workplaces in Health Care and Bio Pharma! Ardor Health came in #23 with its ranking.

“For me, since day one, I have felt special to be here and like my talents are appreciated and utilized. I am being very fairly compensated and I feel like there is room for growth. I have a lot of freedom to self-start here, too, and with that chance, you see that management respects you. I am learning more about myself and the responsibility I have to do my part to assist the growth of the program here,” said one employee.

The ranking considered input from more than 95,000 employees in the Health Care and Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical sectors. Great Place to Work, a research and consulting firm, evaluated more than 50 elements of team members’ experience on the job. These included employee pride in the organization’s community impact, belief that their work makes a difference, and feeling their work has special meaning. Rankings are based on employees’ experiences, no matter who they are or what they do.

“The sincerity and genuine enthusiasm that the owners and staff have created in the workplace, whether you are a new employee or you have been here for years, you are made to feel welcomed and important. It is sincere,” noted another employee.

About the Best Workplaces in Health Care & Biopharma

Great Place to Work based its ranking on a data-driven methodology applied to anonymous Trust Index™ survey responses from more than 95,000 employees at Great Place to Work-Certified organizations in Financial Services & Insurance. To learn more about Great Place to Work Certification and recognition on Best Workplaces lists published with FORTUNE, visit

Top 5 Things to Do In New York City for the Holidays

Whether you’re on a travel assignment, or just visiting New York City on your vacation, it’s essential to plan out your trip. New York is a bustling city full of flashing lights, culture, and celebration. The Big Apple will be home to many tourists during the holidays, and you don’t want to be caught in the middle of New York not knowing which events to focus on! Luckily, we’ve thought of a few of our favorite things to do in New York City for the holidays.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a go-to attraction any time of year, but during the holidays, Christmas comes alive in the museum. Visitors can take a trip to the Medieval Sculpture Hall to admire the 20-foot blue spruce tree and take in the nativity scene displayed at the foot of the tree. Tree lighting occurs daily at 4:30 pm with encores at 5:30 and 6:30 pm on the weekends.

Ice Skate at the Wollman Rink

While The Rink at the Rockefeller Center may be more famous, the Wollman Rink at Central Park is the perfect place to have some fun during your trip! With shorter lines, a beautiful view of the city skyline, and skate rentals, it’s the ideal place to interact with other tourists and natives alike. After you’ve had your fill of ice skating, take a walk through Central Park or take a trip to the Central Park Zoo to watch the penguins race for fish!

Check Out the New York Botanical Garden’s Holiday Train Show

This is for the inner child in us all. The Holiday Train show incorporates over 100 spot-on replicas of landmarks such as the Grand Central Terminal, and The Statue of Liberty made entirely of plant materials like leaves and bark. In addition to these replicas, model trains zip through more than a quarter mile of track to produce a beautiful spectacle. Visit the Botanical Garden’s website to ensure that you don’t miss the show!

Marvel at “The Nutcracker”

Truly a staple of holidays in New York, the New York City Ballet’s performance of “The Nutcracker” is a must-see attraction. Because the New York City Ballet is one of the premier ballet companies in the world, you’re sure to see other tourists and natives accompanying you during your viewing. The show runs until December 31st, so it’s best to start planning and purchase your tickets!

Shop in Bryant Park Winter Village

A lesser-known tourist area is the Winter Village in the middle of Manhattan’s towering skyscrapers. This open-air village offers a plethora of shops selling:

  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Local food
  • Customized gifts for family and friends

Funds from every purchase in the village help support the park’s maintenance. There’s no reason to not go on a shopping spree! This holiday oasis is waiting for you just a couple of block east of Times Square.

While these aren’t all of the things you can do in New York City to enjoy the holiday season, they are some of our favorite activities to help you plan out your vacation. Tis the season to be jolly and have fun on your trip to New York!  If you’re looking for healthcare job opening in New York City, Ardor Health has you covered. Contact us online to speak to one of our expert staff members to help you with your search. Don’t forget to bundle up because baby, it’s cold outside.

Tips for Surviving the Holidays as a Travel Nurse

Travel nurses often feel torn about working away from their families during the holiday season. Being away from loved ones can cause the most “wonderful time of the year” to feel a little gloomy. Don’t let being away on a travel assignment strip you of your holiday cheer. With these tips, you can make the most of your holiday season while you are on duty.  

Create New Traditions

Although you will not be surrounded by your loved ones over the holidays, you can create new traditions with your coworkers and any friends you have made along the way. Plan activities and dinners to keep you socially engaged. By taking time to bond with others in a similar situation, you can feel supported and less isolated. The holidays are a time to celebrate and enjoy your time with the people around you, so turn on some holiday tunes, put up some decorations, and look forward to establishing new traditions.  

Shop til you Drop

Keeping busy by purchasing gifts for your family and friends is another way to survive the holidays. Shopping keeps you surrounded by others who are taking advantage of what the holidays have to offer. Holiday shopping is universal, so no matter what city you’re in, you won’t be the only one enjoying great sales, colorful decorations, and lively music! Need gifting ideas? Taking the time to purchase gifts relating to your new city is an excellent way for family and friends to appreciate and celebrate your accomplishments.

Avoid Social Media

Seeing what your friends are up to through social media is a common pastime these days. During the holidays, this could be something you might want to avoid. People tend to surf through social media during down time, usually when they are alone. This can exacerbate feelings of loneliness and homesickness. Taking a break from social media can be good for your mental health, especially at this time of year.

Video Connect With Friends and Family

Arranging communication as often as possible with your loved ones is especially valuable during the holidays. Technology allows us to experience the luxury of a video call. Give your family the gift of your presence during a video call while they open the gifts you sent them. This way, you won’t miss a single smile or gasp. This is especially fun when you have children!

Build Connections With Your Work Family

Keeping a close connection with your work family is another great way to fill in the gap during the holidays. The odds are that they also lack family presence during this time. Spruce up the work environment with decorations, plan dinners and Secret Santas. Don’t let work and being away from family be a Scrooge on your holiday.

A traveling nurse during the holidays has many things to be thankful for and celebrate even though they may be away from those they love. Working in a city that fulfills your needs is a great way to starting the year right. At Ardor Health Services, we have many job listings that will help you find the professional healthcare job that works for you.

Top 5 Sights in Washington D.C.

Is your next travel nursing assignment taking you to Washington D.C.? Relocating to a city that you haven’t visited before for work-related reasons can be overwhelming; but if you’re in D.C., you can have all the fun of being a “tourist” in your new city while getting a great education about our country’s foundation. Best of all, the majority of the sights are free to tour! Here are a few sights you can’t miss.

Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool

The Lincoln Memorial is the most-visited site in D.C. with over 6 million visitors annually. The historic site, modeled after the Parthenon in Greece, is replete with intricate architecture and symbolism. Engraved into the walls of this memorial are two of Lincoln’s most famous speeches: the Gettysburg Address and the Second Inaugural Address. The memorial is truly a sight to behold, and can be toured around-the-clock, although park rangers are only available to answer questions from 9:30 am to 11:30 pm. The iconic Reflecting Pool is one of the city’s most recognized sites, and is part of the memorial.

The White House

The White House is a top sight for first-time visitors to D.C. The White House has been the home to each President of the United States following George Washington, who was the only president to never reside there. The landmark rests in a national park, and can be toured inside and out. Public tour requests must be submitted through your Member of Congress. These self-guided tours are generally available Tuesday through Saturday. It is recommended to make your reservation at least 21 days in advance; however, you can explore the exterior of the White House at any time.

Washington Monument

Just a short walk away from the White House is the Washington Monument. Construction began in 1848 to honor our nation’s first President of the United States, George Washington. It stands at just over 555 feet and is the tallest stone structure and obelisk in the world.

National World War II Memorial

In 1939, German forces invaded Poland and marked the beginning of the Second World War. The War lasted until 1945 and involved the majority of the world’s greatest nations. It was the deadliest conflict in human history, with approximately 85 million fatalities worldwide. The National World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. honors the millions of Americans involved in the conflict, from the 16 million who served in the armed forces, to the over 400,000 who died, and all who supported the war effort.

U.S Capitol

The U.S. Capitol is the home of the United States Congress. It is known for its architecture — the iconic dome, its rotunda, and its wings at either side. Inside, you will find paintings, frescos, and sculptures that tell tales of our nation’s past. The Capitol’s interior is free to tour starting at the visitor center, which is open Monday-Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you have time, you can reserve free passes to watch Congress in session.

There are many things that a traveling nursing assignment can offer you aside from the job itself. There are opportunities to relocate to cities that are full of culture and history like Washington D.C. that will add to your work and life experiences. Visit Ardor Health Solutions and find out how to find your next healthcare travel assignment.

Are Pets Allowed on Travel Assignments?

Thinking about having someone keep you company on your next travel assignment? Traveling for work can make you a little homesick, and bringing your pet with you is the best cure when you are feeling a little blue. Having pets move with you on travel assignments is not uncommon; however, there are several things to consider when bringing pets along. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are thinking about having a familiar face greet as you walk through the door every day.

Ask First

Discussing the possibility of your pet joining you on your next travel assignment with your recruiting manager is always recommended. Every employer is distinct, and there are different rules and policies that employees are expected to follow. Knowing your plans from the beginning allows them to better accommodate your needs.


Looking for accommodations in a timely manner will help you find the best home for you and your furry friend. Some things you should keep in mind during your search are location, housing costs, and quality of life. Not all housing options are pet-friendly, and things can get tricky when considering both your work and personal needs. It is best for you to start your search as soon as you can.

Additional Expenses

Preparing yourself for additional expenses before relocating to your next travel assignment is also advisable. Keep in mind, when traveling with pets, air travel requires a pet fee and a carrier or crate depending on the size of the pet. Pet care, such as food, veterinary needs, and grooming are things also to consider when budgeting for your next move. Lastly, remember that with pet-friendly housing come pet fees and deposits.

Acquiring new travel assignments with special requests such as bringing your pet along with you is an important thing to consider. At Ardor Health Solutions we specialize in professional healthcare staffing. With our vast list of available healthcare job listings, we are sure to have the perfect job listing for you and your furry friend.

Cities With The Best Public Transportation

If you move into the city, you probably won’t bring a car. Unlike suburban and rural neighborhoods, cars are considered a hassle rather than a luxury in most major cities. Traffic is usually slow, drivers often have to pay extra for parking at their own home, and there is rarely a reason to drive anywhere unless you have to leave city limits. City services like bike sharing programs, dedicated walking routes, and public transportation help hundreds of thousands of urban residents get where they need to go; which city pulls it off the best?

Seattle, Washington

Seattle has seen rapid growth in recent years. While this may be a good thing for the city, the streets have had difficulty carrying the sudden traffic. The region’s public transit services responded with a new, underground light rail line that connects the University of Washington (in Northern Seattle) to the downtown area. Two streetcars are also available to make up for commuters that may find the rail line too far for a walk. Thanks to these developments, the city has seen the largest increase in public transport use, climbing up 34.9% since 2011.

Oakland, California

If you work a healthcare job in San Francisco but find its infamous housing market way too expensive, you can find an answer in Oakland. Compared to San Francisco, Oakland is significantly cheaper and has several public transportation options available to make visiting the Bay Area simple. Enjoy the culture and tech advancements of Silicon Valley without losing an arm for apartments!


Chicago has one of the oldest transit systems in the country. Its first day of operation dates back to 1892, under the title “South Side Rapid Transit.” Now, the “L” trains are part of the third largest rail system in U.S. cities, with an average of 800,000 riders per week. It’s cheap too; transit passes for Chicago trains cost less than most other cities like New York.

Washington D.C.

Transit commuters in Washington D.C. spend around a half hour traveling to work each day, which is ten minutes faster than the average of most cities. The Metrorail – a subway system that spans most of the city – takes over 200 million trips per year, and the above-ground bus transit adds on another 130 million. Being only nine minutes slower than the typical commute time through a car, many D.C. residents opt for the train. Be prepared to pay the price for service; a 28-day pass can cost more than $200! City officials are aware of how the price point may scare commuters away, and are discussing more flexible options.

Many traveling therapists work in cities for a reason: there’s much to do, plenty of job opportunities, and the latest in medical and healthcare technology. If you’re moving into a city from a suburban neighborhood, the shift may initially come off as intense. A public transport system you can rely on to avoid getting lost and taking you where you need to go can help keep you grounded and significantly improve your traveling experience. Have a city of choice? View available healthcare job listings on Ardor Health today!

Top 4 Ways to Get Around in a Big City

As a travel nurse, your nursing assignments can take you from Los Angeles to New York City and everywhere in between. Although it is possible for you to drive to every destination, it may not be ideal. Travel nurses have the choice of taking advantage of whatever transportation services the city has to offer. Consider these top four ways to get around a big city as you prepare for your next travel nursing assignment.

Taxi Services

Taxi services have evolved over the last decade. Travelers are no longer restricted to hailing yellow taxis. You now have options between multiple on-call taxi services. Services like Uber and Lyft have transformed the taxi industry by allowing drivers to use their own cars, and passengers to request rides via cell phone applications.

If you are someone who cannot commit to following a public transportation schedule and would rather not rent a car, a taxi service may be ideal for you. You have the freedom to request a ride when needed and build a rapport with a particular driver who can serve as your sole source of transportation during your stay.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is highly popular in major cities, as traffic conditions often make driving to work more of a hassle than a convenience. The two main sources of transportation in big cities are trains and buses. Taking the bus is ideal for those who need to get around the local area as they can quickly get you from block to block.

If your workplace is further away from your residence, a train may be the better option. Depending on the city, the train services can be in the form of a subway, trolley, or elevated railway. Big city train systems are notable for being busy and crowded, but that is simply a testament to their efficiency.

Bike or Walk

The closer you live to your place of employment in a big city, the better. Residing in the general vicinity of the workplace makes biking or walking to work a possibility. Doing so can give you the true feeling of living in the city rather than simply visiting. You can learn the roadways, traffic conditions, shortcuts, and best routes to get to and from work as well as wherever else your travels take you. Regularly biking and walking can also provide a quality workout, killing two birds with one stone.

Need help finding your way to your next big city? Ardor Health Solutions is a healthcare staffing source that links eager healthcare professionals to travel nursing positions across the nation. We have the resources to get you in direct contact with hiring managers of your specified field in need of your services. Visit our job listings page or give us a call as 855-GO-ARDOR!

USF Professors Create App for Heart Failure Patients

Two University of South Florida (USF) professors released a smartphone application earlier this year for those suffering from heart failure. According to an article published by USF, an initial study garnered positive results with patients stating that they found the app useful. The app comes equipped with a Bioharness BT external sensor, and the name HeartMapp was recently copyrighted by the university.

Congestive Heart Failure Statistics

Congestive Heart Failure or (CHF) is a condition that roughly 670,000 people are diagnosed with annually. CHF is a result of the heart being unable to pump blood properly. The issue can be either diastolic or systolic. The former refers to the heart’s inability to fill due to stiff, thick chambers. Systolic issues are a result of the heart being unable to pump blood because of stretched, thin chambers. CHF can either be short term or a lifelong condition.

Emory Healthcare provides these heart failure statistics:

  • CHF is equally present in men and women
  • About 5 million people currently live with CHF
  • Heart failure accounts for over 11 million physician visits a year
  • Heart failure deaths decreased 12% in the last 50 years

The Creators of HeartMapp

Miguel Labrador, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Ponrathi Athilingam, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the USF College of Nursing collaborated in the creation of HeartMapp to help the millions who suffer from CHF.

In a USF article, Athilingam states “As a cardiology nurse of 25 years, I know that patients with heart failure, who must follow an intricate medication regimen and self-management practices at home to stay healthy and prevent getting admitted to the hospital, struggle with self-care.”

She continues to say “After patients leave the hospital, they are alone. However, they do have a phone as a companion. So, we developed this easy-to-use, patient-centered technology to help them keep their heart health on track.”

How the App Works

This condition is not one that comes with age. Individuals young and old are affected by CHF which makes the creation of a cell phone application all the more relevant. The information in the app is based on proven research and organized into five modules:

  • Module 1: Monitors the patient’s condition on a daily basis and provides instant feedback
  • Module 2: Assesses vital signs in real time
  • Module 3: Provides breathing and walking exercises
  • Module 4: Informs the patient about CHF
  • Module 5: Provides historical data and easy-to-understand graphs

Through regular use of the app, patients can limit their visits to physicians and gain knowledge of their condition. As a travel nurse, you can journey the country helping those living with CHF and provide them with the care needed to persevere. Ardor Health Solutions can help you reach your heights as a travel nurse by getting you in direct contact with hiring managers across the nation. Contact us today at 855-GO-ARDOR to find a travel nursing position for you.

3 Benefits of Traveling Alone

As a travel nurse, you have the freedom to travel the country. You can practice nursing in a new location every few months. While some travel nurses take their children along, a vast majority of travel nurses travel alone. Many people may not like the idea of traveling the country solo, but it can be a positive experience.

Learn to be Self-Reliant

There is no greater test than traveling alone. Many people have traveled with parents and in groups as a child but never had to travel alone. When you travel alone, you quickly learn to be self-reliant and accountable for all of your actions or lack thereof. Whether you are traveling by train, bus, or plane, you will be required to ensure that you are on time for departure and have packed all of the necessary items.

Over time you will become a packing expert and be able to decipher how much you should pack depending on the length of your stay and other factors. You will grow to realize whether you are a person who prefers to purchase items at your destination or pack them all with you. Through repeated trials, you can become more independent than you ever imagined.

Blaze Your Own Trails

One of the major drawbacks about traveling in groups is that you all have to agree on everything like when to head out, where to eat, and what sights to see.. Traveling alone grants you the freedom to blaze your own trails. You can ross off all the sights you’d like to see on your new travel nursing assignment without anyone to hold you back. One of the best parts about being on your own schedule is getting to stop wherever and whenever you like for food and rest breaks.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many people travel with the hopes of getting out of their comfort zones and having new experiences. It can be difficult to do so when you only stick to the group you traveled with. By commuting alone, you open yourself up to meeting new people and trying new things. This can help anyone build confidence in oneself.

If you’re lucky, you may get to know a native of the area who can introduce you to even more things you’d like that were not included in your travel brochure. After your travel assignment, you may wish to re-visit the city to continue exploring the nooks and crannies you missed on your first go-around. Keep in touch with the locals to experience a fun time whenever you decide to return.

Reap the benefits of traveling alone when you choose to be a travel nurse. Ardor Health Solutions is a healthcare staffing company that specializes in finding placement for travel nurses. We rid the application process of its many hurdles by putting you in direct contact with hiring managers across the nation. Visit our job listing page contact us at 855-GO-Ardor to start your career as a travel nurse today!

Travel Nursing and Child Sport Injuries

Youth sports is an increasingly popular trend that offers consistent physical activity to children from a young age. According to ESPN, as many as 21.5 million kids are involved in sports between the ages of 6 and 17 in the United States. Their reports also show that by the age of 6, 60 percent of boys and 47 percent of girls have participated in some organized sport.

Such a statistic is not necessarily negative. It shows that American children are getting out and being active rather than playing endless hours of video games. The looming possibility of being involved in any physical activity is obtaining an injury. As a travel nurse working with children, you are likely to notice the shockingly high number of child sports injuries quickly.

Nationwide Children’s reports that child sports injuries account for an average of 3 million emergency room visits annually. ESPN also reports that over a quarter of children who were previously involved in youth sports quit because of an injury. Through your role as a registered nurse, it is vital that you share your knowledge with parents in the treatment and prevention of common child sports injuries.


Many children do not hydrate themselves as much as they need to. It is a common misconception that drinking water immediately before or during an athletic competition is enough to hydrate the body. As a travel nurse working with children, you have the ability to inform unknowing parents. You can let them know of the danger of dehydration and what fluids are safe for children to consume.

In many cases, it is the coaches who put the children at risk. They may require the kids to train for long hours with very few rest periods. This may not immediately affect the child, but during intense competition, the amount of energy exerted may exceed the energy supplied, possibly causing the child to lose consciousness.


The topic of concussions has become increasingly popular with recent developments about the effects of CTE or chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Such newfound information has resulted in many parents pulling their children out of extremely physical sports like tackle football. If a child was ever to visit you with a concussion or concussion symptoms, it is crucial that you make the parent aware of the risks.

Many coaches and parents have a “walk it off” approach to when a child sustains an injury. What they should know is that unlike any external physical injury, a concussion damages the brain in a way that can lead to permanent ailments that may become fatal.

Through your persistent administration of knowledge, you can help reduce the number of child sports injuries and ensure that sustained injuries are properly treated.  Are you interested in a career in travel therapy, but do not know where to start? Ardor Health Solutions is a healthcare staffing company that provides skilled nurses with travel therapy opportunities nationwide. Visit our job listings page for a full outline of healthcare opportunities across the country.

5 Things a Travel Nurse Must Pack

If you are considering becoming a travel nurse, get ready for life on the road! Your placements will have you in a particular American city for months out of the year. During this time you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and embrace all that travel nursing has to offer. The first step of any adventure is packing your bags. Be sure to pack all of the following items before you embark on your travel nursing assignment. Continue reading “5 Things a Travel Nurse Must Pack”

Top 3 Things to Look for in Travel Nurse Compensation Packages

Being offered the position is only the beginning. Everyone wants money, but many people find it difficult to request it. As a travel nurse, you have the unique opportunity to provide healthcare to needing individuals across the nation. This position is most fulfilling but it is vital that you pay close attention to your compensation package. The last thing you want to happen is to accept an offer and sign the contract without realizing that you weren’t offered things like paid time off or insurance benefits. Keep an eye out for these three things when perusing through your compensation package.

Medical Benefits

It is highly important to have consistent healthcare coverage throughout your assignments, wherever they may take you. Your package should clearly state the terms, extent, and duration of your coverage. It should also be clear whether or not your specific plan offers full coverage or if there is a set reimbursement cap if you find your own coverage. These small details are crucial and can have detrimental effects if overlooked.

Speak with your recruiter in regards to medical benefits. They will be able to identify the most attractive plans available specific to your needs.

Tax-Free Income

Your tax-free income should be clearly identified in your package. Oftentimes, it is disguised as a stipend of some sort (travel or housing stipend). You must know this information ahead of time so that you are not caught off guard come tax season.

Not all travel nursing pay packages come with tax-free income. There is a certain criteria that must be met to be eligible. The IRS asserts that you must be a temporary worker with  a permanent tax home. Being a temporary worker means that you do not work longer than 12 months at any one location. To own a deemed “tax home,” two of the following three things must be true:

  • A majority of your income must be made at the place you identify as your “tax home.”
  • You pay a mortgage or rent at this home
  • You have permanent residence (cannot abandon)

IRAs/Retirement Fund

Travel nurses are generally identified as temporary workers but quality agencies ensure that there is a long-term financial plan set in place. Look into your package and determine if there is a retirement package available. It is not rare for a travel nurse to acquire multiple varying retirement funds from travelling so often. Look into your compensation package from now to see if a retirement plan is offered and research your options in combining all of the allocated funds to make them easier to manage if you plan on obtaining multiple travel nurse assignments.

Travel nursing can be an adventurous and rewarding career. Allow Ardor Health Solutions to set you on the right path! Ardor Health Solutions is a healthcare staffing company that provides skilled nurses with travel therapy opportunities nationwide. Visit our job listings page for a full outline of healthcare opportunities across the country.

Top 5 Books to Read on the Road

Travel has its ups and downs, and waiting at the airport (or bus stop) is certainly a considered a “down” for many traveling therapists. With delays and complications, you may find yourself stuck in the same chair for hours before you can start moving. There are, fortunately, a plethora of books available to help pass the time. These five releases are some of the most popular books published on travel and make for excellent companions during the slower hours.

1. Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar

For several years, Cheryl Strayed ran an online advice column titled Dear Sugar. During this time, Strayed operated under an anonymous alias, answering the fevered questions of many people who felt lost about money, family, love, and motivation. Tiny Beautiful Things is a collection of the best posts found on the website and can be a useful pick-me-up for when life is feeling particularly challenging.

2. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

While we hope you don’t resort to hitchhiking when traveling to a new state, you can enjoy the misadventures of a flustered British man and his alien companions as they try to make sense of a bizarre galaxy. A quick, easy read that will get you giggling in public.

3. Girls Who Travel

Sometimes you don’t have to go very far to discover something new – either about the world or yourself. This novel by Nicole Trilivas hits upon the core joys of travel, making for a fun, witty, (and a little bit gritty) read.

4. Mosquitoland

Everyone has a travel story about the odd person who sat next to them. Mosquitoland drives into the heart of that experience, focusing on a girl’s thousand-mile bus trip to Cleveland full of quirky characters and unexpected twists.

5. Fast Facts for the Travel Nurse: Travel Nursing in a Nutshell

Unlike the other books, this one is more for practical purposes rather than entertainment. Fast Facts offers useful advice to traveling nurses on many aspects most people don’t consider. This includes factors that are often “boring,” but crucial to know so you can make the most of your traveling career. Topics include how to improve your benefits, payment negotiations, contract negotiations, and preparing for future assignments.
Have your gear ready but don’t know where to travel next? Take a look at our list of available healthcare jobs on Ardor Health. Positions are open for nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and more!

Travel Work vs Permanent Placement

When you are looking for a new job in the healthcare field, choosing between permanent placement and a traveling career largely depends on your lifestyle. Neither choice is strictly right or wrong. What do you need to consider between travel work and permanent placement? At Ardor Health, we help healthcare employees answer such questions daily. Continue reading “Travel Work vs Permanent Placement”

Pros and Cons of a Traveling Career

Although one significant purpose of our company is helping traveling health practitioners find new places to work, we understand that a traveling career may not be the perfect fit for everyone. But not to worry, because Ardor Health has an office specifically dedicated to finding you a permanent placement job as well!

If you are nearing the end of your graduate studies or are trying to figure out whether a travel job would be a good change of pace, keep these pros and cons in mind when making your decision! Continue reading “Pros and Cons of a Traveling Career”

Tips for Working as a School Nurse

Whether you are a nurse fresh out of grad school or already have experience from working in a hospital, a school brings a unique set of challenges. Because every school is different, there are few rules set in stone. However, those who worked as school nurses in the past (or are still working in the classroom environment today) have picked up some general tips that anyone can use.

Always Plan Ahead

While working in a school clinic may not be as demanding as the ER, you’ll still have your hands full. You might be the only medical expert in the building. You will need to manage your time as efficiently as possible so that every child gets the attention he needs. This means planning for your days in advance. Know when you will have your brief lunch break (many kids get themselves hurt or sick during mid-day recess), look out for any planned field trips where children are more active than usual and return with bruises, and keep a backup plan in mind for emergencies.

Get to Know Parents

Not all parents will want to chat with you, but you never know unless you reach out and ask. When you suspect that a child may need treatment outside of school, or you’re not sure if a child is looking for an excuse to stay out of class, contacting their parents to get an idea of their habits and behaviors can help save you some frustration. How receptive parents are tends to depend on what type of school you work at. A mother of an elementary school student usually wants to know everything about how her child is doing, but one for a high school student may feel confident enough in her son that she won’t ask much.

Maintain Your Independence, But Make Sure to Reach Out

As mentioned before, you will most likely be the only medical expert nearby. There will be many times where you have to make a decision about how to best help a student without getting a second opinion. Embracing your autonomy means making firm recommendations. Recognize when there are kids who come in, not because they need treatment, but because it’s the only way someone pays attention to them. You can prepare for your time as a student nurse by getting in touch with other people who work within the county and see what local advice they can provide. School nursing is challenging, but many in the field find it rewarding to work with kids, providing the nurses a fresh perspective on life.

If you’re looking for a school nursing job, check out our list of available positions!

Best Places to Travel and Work in Winter

Although traveling for contract healthcare work comes with its unique set of challenges, you still have the benefit of discovering great new places. This means that you don’t have to stick around frigid cities like Chicago or Minneapolis during subzero temperatures. You have the option to relocate somewhere warm and sunny for your new term! We’ve gathered some of the best places to travel and work in during winter, both for those craving 90 degree weather or who would prefer to wear a light sweater over a winter coat.

Phoenix, Arizona

If you are a low-key kind of person who prefers to relax while enjoying the outdoors, Phoenix may be your spot. Though the city isn’t known for its nightlife, it provides enough relaxing activities and surrounding parks to pass the time. Camelback Mountain has plenty of trails and camping spots to take during weekend breaks. Near the center of the city, Papago Park provides extended hiking spots along with the Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden.

If you’re looking to explore outside the city, South Mountain Park boasts 16,000 acres of wildlife and scenic lookout points to satisfy your inner naturalist. The summers are blistering enough that most residents won’t bother going outside, but during the winters, Phoenix’s cool breeze keeps you energized.

Austin, Texas

When you want to have fun after work, Austin, Texas provides ample opportunities for activity. The city is known for hosting a variety of creative art and music events while maintaining a cost of living reasonable enough for the traveling practitioner. It’s no wonder that Austin is the second fastest growing city in the United States, with winter weather ranging from the low 40s to high 60s.

You can bike through the Austin Music Tour and visit over 200 of its live music venues, or meet with locals and visit the smaller neighborhoods focused on the arts. If you still want to connect with nature during your winter stay, you can go kayaking at Lady Bird Lake, bike through the bridges that connect many of Austin’s parks, or fish at the McKinney Falls State Park!

Charleston, South Carolina

If you want to live near the beach, you may want to avoid the typical holiday hangouts like Miami or Honolulu. While these are certainly nice vacation spots, the cost of living can be unbearable the closer you get to the shore. Believe it or not, Charleston can provide the beach life you’re looking for, with mild weather averaging around the mid-60s. The downtown area provides a mixture of unique local shops, fresh food at low prices, and a nightlife active enough to fill out your weekend plans.

Charleston is also a good choice for those who want to experience an older America, with many museums, preserved households, and other structures open to visit. For example, Sullivan’s Island, The Nathaniel Russell House Museum, and Fort Sumter National Monuments are hotspots for visiting history buffs. Don’t forget to watch the sunrise at The Battery during your healthcare contract work. Many photographers consider this stretch of harbor as one of the most beautiful views of the ocean available on the east coast.

Traveling assignments are your opportunity to help others while discovering many of our country’s liveliest, most iconic cities. If you’re interested in a new healthcare job for any time of the year, view our list of medical jobs today and get connected!

Are You A Welcomed Guest On Your Travel Assignment?

With the holidays come the fun parties or gatherings, right?  Correct!  But along with the jubilations there are social challenges.

Do you have that one pesky guest you can’t stand but must invite for the holidays?  How about that nosy family guest who keeps asking when the baby is coming…and here you are still paying off your school loans?

Or perhaps are you the guest, who feels awkward or doesn’t quite know how to blend in?  Better yet, are you the guest that everyone loves to invite?

Well in travel or healthcare contract staffing, this is a year-round or 3-month challenge for travelers.

As a contract worker, you will often face the reality of either being incompatible or getting along with your clinical peers or supervisors.  There are countless contract placements that are won or lost by the battle of personalities.  The truth is, others view travelers as highly paid but necessary guests.

Whether you are a savvy veteran or a new traveler…the question is how do you become a welcomed guest?  It’s simple and back to basics.  First, realize you are a guest. Accept this reality and be mindful of your strategies for blending in.  The most important piece is, exercise the art of winning or influencing those around you.

Influencing or winning people is a critical people skill that have made healthcare travelers a success along with having a higher rate of requested returns for contract work.

So here are the top 6 quick ways to connect and be a welcomed healthcare traveler:

1.  Smile

A smile is free but impactful! It evokes instant joy and will move mountains.  Smiling is that positive vibe…a proven human connector.  There are countless of scientific data proving how smiling is influential.

So be mindful and smile more in everything that you do.  It connects you from a happy place.

2. Be genuinely interested in others

Deep connections are possible even in a short span of time…by showing genuine interest in others.  The only way to make quality connections or even lasting friendships is to be genuinely interested in what matters to others.

Sincere small talks work…ask about their family, their hobby, etc.

3. Be a good listener and inspire others to talk about themselves

 To be a good conversationalist one must be a good listener.  You must care about what others say or you must show honest interest about what they are sharing.

People don’t want an entertaining conversationalist, most of the time people just want someone who will listen to them.

So, listen more…talk less.

4. Remember a person’s name and say it often

A person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.  An average person is more interested and responsive when their name is included in a conversation.

People love their name so much that you’ve seen donations made just to see names on a donor’s plate, a building, a street sign, a plaque on a bench, a dedicated tree, etc.

Go ahead and include as much as you can a person’s name in a conversation, a greeting, etc (i.e.  “Good morning Paola”)

5. Talk in terms of the other person’s interests

You will connect quicker through a person’s heart…so talk about the things that he or she treasures most.

If we talk to people about what they are interested in, they will feel valued and value us in return.

6. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely

An old adage but a powerful one: treat others as how you would like to be treated.  We love to feel valued and so does everyone else.  People will connect deeper and talk more to you if you allow them to talk about themselves.

If you can make people feel important in a sincere and appreciative manner, then you will win all the friends you could ever dream of.

The above are easy but practical ways to connect with people or be a welcomed guest.  Apply these techniques as a part of your everyday living or as you embark on your first or hundredth travel career.

Winning people is an art.   It is a people skill that could only enhance your travel career.

Bon Voyage…enjoy your next healthcare travel adventure and cheers to becoming a VIP Guest!