Tips for Traveling Light

Novice and expert nomads alike have difficulties with overpacking. You can quickly go from being adequately prepared to having too much in your suitcase, and probably won’t notice until you have you start weighing bags at the airport. Beyond paying extra costs, over packing makes it harder to keep your valuables arranged, exhausts you quicker, and often ends in losing the items that matter most. To keep such unfortunate events at bay, we have some tips to help make traveling light and simple.

Take Advantage of Technology

Smartphones are a vital part of our everyday life. We recognize this fact, and even have a smartphone app to help those searching for travel work. When you’re on the road, you most likely already know about apps like Google Maps. However, do you also know you can download maps of regions and towns off Google as a reference without wasting your data? If you want to reduce stuffed folders in your backpack, Camscanner is an app that keeps your medical licenses, certifications, and other documentation arranged electronically. Take a look at some of the other apps that we recommend for traveling healthcare workers.

Don’t Overpack on Toiletries or Laundry

Think about hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast homes; most of these spots come with their own toothbrushes and washing machines. If by some chance they don’t, chances are your room will be located somewhere that will have a local supermarket or laundromat only a couple minutes walk away. Researching where you will live for your new job can help you plan in these matters. While it is understandable you want to keep your clothes and yourself clean, sensitive toiletries can take up valuable space better saved for an extra layer of clothing or a sturdy pair of boots.

Follow the Rule of Threes

You will often only need a maximum of three pairs of each clothing items when traveling within the country. Three pairs of socks, underwear, shirts, and so on are enough for the savvy traveler. Jeans and other denim clothes are practical choices; they often don’t need washing for over a week! For clothes that are fashionable and functionable, those made from cotton fabric dry fast and fold easily while keeping your suitcase light.

Think Outside the Box

Certain items have more functions than you may originally think. A regular bathroom towel, for example, can cover you during a flash storm, keep you warm in a cold airport, turn into a satchel, and set down for a quick picnic! Look for redundancies in the items that you pack and think if the purpose of one could be covered by the other.

Looking to put some travel time in while looking for a new health career? Visit our healthcare job listings.

How to Stay Organized on the Road

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Ardor Health’s February Traveler of the Month!

We love taking the time to recognize Ardor Health’s inspirational and dedicated travelers, which is why we are proud to announce Ardor Health’s February Traveler of the Month, Michelle!

Her recruiter Amanda says, “she has worked for Ardor going on 4 years and is now in schools! She has 2 therapy dogs that she occasionally brings to school with her and has a TRUE passion for making a difference!”

Michelle is now in Yuma, AZ, and she is the happiest she has ever been! She is not afraid to take on a daunting task or caseload!

She is ALSO a part of our New Grad Mentorship Program as a Mentor!!!

She is committed to OT, always bettering herself and looking at ways to be ahead of the game!

1. What’s your favorite part about being a travel OT?

My favorite part about being a travel OT is somewhat hard to pinpoint because there are lots of fun things about it. I love exploring new cultures and meeting new people. Work wise you are always challenged and you pick up so many new learning experiences along the way as every site you work at has a different way of doing something. Adaptability is huge in travel OT and there is a pick up and go mentality that really works for me.

2. Is there a location that you haven’t visited yet that you hope to see one day?

Travel wise I always said that I wanted to visit all the states in the US. I still eventually want to do that and traveling therapy has really helped from cross-country drives to exploring the states around where I am working. There are definitely places I want to see but I am pretty flexible in where I am working as long as I can bring my two dogs along I am good to go :).

3. What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I love to explore new areas and my hobbies are really shaped by which state I am living in. When I am near the ocean or a body of water I am usually out there with my dogs after work walking along the shore. When I am landlocked there is usually a trail to walk or new friends to explore the town with. I am also a huge reader and have bought a travel hammock, so on weekends I will happily lay on my hammock reading.

4. You just came home from a long day of work, what meal would really hit the spot?

When I come home from a long day anything I don’t have to cook would hit the spot! I have traveled to some places that don’t have delivery and now that I have it back I remember how nice it is not to cook sometimes! I have been doing a lot of Thai food lately.

5. What’s your dream car and why?

I don’t have a dream car, as long as it doesn’t break down and the air conditioning/heater works I am happy. My air conditioner in my car broke down on my move to Arizona in July- not a good moment for us 🙂 ….  Now my dream vacation is pretty much anywhere with warm weather and a beach.